Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogger's Therapy

Yesterday, I blogged about how tough my life was this past week. Today I will blog about happier times this past week.

Met my RCC team for dinner on Friday. We went to the Crystal Jade Kitchen at Toa Payoh. For some reason, one of my team members in my RCC team has a fetish for the Ramen at CJK. Turns out the Ramen was really not bad. But the best bit is actually the 小龙包. So nice and juicy, like there's soup inside.

We had a good time catching up, even though we have only parted for one week. Actually, only the officers graduated from the RCC, the specialists still stay back for RCC part 2. And from the looks of it, RCC part 2 was more tough, but got more free time also.

But the highlight of the week, is really Cell Group on Thursday night. I haven't been to cell group since I went for RCC 4 weeks ago. As cell group is on Thursday night, and I usually cannot book out on Thursdays, I was not able to go for cell.

Am I making sense here? Actually I just woke up and wrote the last sentence. Head's still kinda goggy and blur.

As I was saying, Boy! I missed the Cell Group!!!!! It's so good to be able to come back to cell again.

Am running late so will have to cut short the blog here. Sorry. But a picture says a thousand words...

So here's a couple of them...



Saturday, August 27, 2005

My head is not harder than tree, Part 2

Ok. I'm back. I will try this again.

Like just now, on the entry which I did not manage to publish, I shall start by complaining how crazy my week was.

Crazy crazy. Busy Busy.

And pretty stressful.

And now I am serving my weekend duty again. This time its an extra... because some idiot refuse to urine properly...

And then I forgot what I wrote just now....

Oh well, I will just start anew, pretending that I'm writing a new post.

Like I said, this has been one of a crazy week. As you all know, I just came back from 4 weeks of Recce Comd Course and prior to that, 4 weeks of bike course. A lot of business awaits me back here.

1st up is my platoon. These are the people I want to see most when I come back. I think they are delighted to see me too. 1st time they asked for nights-off already. Haha. But too bad nights-off is not up to me to give. But lucky OC in a good mood and he gave nights-off to them on Tuesday night.

EH!! How come suddenly Ops room got so many mosquitoes???? Wah lao, I think I get bitten in here more than the time I was in Tekong last week.

Sorry I digressed. I dunno why people like to say "Sorry, I digressed" but it certainly seems that they do. I also dunno why but I like to say it too. Sorry I digressed.

Next up is this thing called the Combat Skills Badge (CSB) for the Infantry. Apparently, there is this general group of people in MINDEF who decides that they should come up with this badge, so as to differentiate between those that are proficient in the skills of an Infantry soldier.

So this week, my platoon and I have beem busy trying to acquire this badge, starting with weapon handling, and followed by other equipment skills. Personally, I feel that this is nothing more than a badge to show for pride. But very soon, everybody will have the same badge and the people having it is no different from the people not having it.

Will I lose my job for putting this in print? Hmm... Hopefully not. Not that the general group of people will read my blog anyway. =)

The most stressful though, is my IPPT. The 1st day I came back, my OC told me already:" You better get Silver by the end of the month, or else your head will be on the chopping board!" The one who will do the chopping will be my S2.

Then my OC proceed to make me run around the world in 80 days. Monday run 6 x 400, Tuesday run 5km, Wednesday another 6 x 400, Thursday run 8km and Friday another 8km fast march.

I had tons and tons of chocolate to make sure that I have the energy for all the runs I had been running. And I sms-ed my cell group and my Christian friends to help pray for me:" Taking IPPT again. This time must get Silver, or else my head will be chopped. Pls pray that I can run faster or that I have a harder head. Thanks!"

Come Saturday, is my IPPT. I was so stressed I couldn't sleep on friday night. I got out of bed at 6.30 and had Red Bull for breakfast. Red Bull does not make good breakfast.

IPPT starts at 0730. Timing to meet is 12.00 minutes or less for my 2.4km. That is my only weakness. I came in 11 minutes 59 seconds.

Whew!!! Thank God!!! Thanks to all who prayed. (esp my Sister-in-Christ, Su Jiahui who is ever so diligent in praying for me) Thanks to OC and CSM for their support and their belief in me. (CSM betted 300 push ups that I will get Silver. Haha!!) Also thanks to Sergeant Victor for helping me keep time during the run and Sergeant Eugene for buying me lunch on friday.

So now I dun have to find out if my head is harder than the chopping board.

Praise the Lord

Oh well...

Jut wrote a mighty long and good post and I was just about to publish it but not before I accidentally kick the power plug which caused the power to be cut from the PC and thus all my work is lost. Tried to recover it but it was to no avail.

Oh well, guess I just have to re-type the thing again later.

Monday, August 22, 2005

About Yesterday

I just realised that a lot of people leave comments in my blog but I never make enough effort to leave comments on their blogs.... I can't remember when's the last time I left a comment on Amuse, 12Mustard Seed, or Vandice's blog.

Should really make the effort to the blog-friendship going. Relationships are, afterall, a 2 way thing.

Back to the main point on my blog. Yesterday. Sunday.

Woke up early yesterday. Promised a certain cute girl that I will help her out in the SM2 camp which she is organising. And so I went to this pre-camp where all the organisers/ helpers come together and did a run-through of the camp and stuff.

After which, I rushed down to Tiong Bahru Plaza to catch Bewitched with Jade. Romantic Comedy. Enuff said? No? Anyway, I'm lazy to say anymore. Not bad lah...

No. Wait. Must say somemore... Me and Jade are not romantically linked in any manner. Wahaha...

Evening is Shishan's farewell dinner... At this posh place at Tanglin Club. 24 dollars per person for international buffet. But I'm not really a buffet person. Normally, I just eat what I need.

Plus some chocolate.

Here's a picture of my cell group members + me with Shishan.


The girls were so close and I cannot squeeze in together with them. Makes me look a little out of place there. Heehee

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My head is not harder than tree

Hmm... Nobody touched my blog for one whole week. Nobody wrote anything on my blog the whole time... Hmm... probably everyone's busy... or everyone can't be bothered anymore... Haha. Even in my comments section on the previous post looked pathetic.

Oh well, the good news is, I'm over and done with the Recce Commander's Course! Wahaha.. This final week was tough tough tough... Test after test after test... and a assesment summary exercise at the end. Thank God it is all over. And thank God I made it through in one piece. At first I thought I couldn't make it at all.

No more RCC!! No more out field!!! No more camo!!!

At least for the next couple of weeks lah. Anyway, this sunday still have to book in. Monday is the graduation ceremony. Then Tuesday is back to work again. Sianz...

Feel like taking couple of days leave...

This is my account of the last exercise of my RCC:

The location was Pulau Tekong. I was the Team Commander of the group. We were given the mission to recce on enemy objective at the centre of the island. We reach our position rather early. The LTIOV (Latest Time Information of Value) was 2000hrs and we were there before 1500. We got 5 hours to recce on our objective but we cannot close-in because we have to wait until it is dark before we go in, so that we will not be spotted.

We waited until 1800 hours. Not totally dark, but its not so bright either. I decide to take the chance. Maybe we can have a better view when there is still a bit of light. Me and my team proceed to close in on the objective.

Suddenly, we spotted the enemy! There were 2 of them and they were real close. We hid behid the vegetation so they did not see us, though we were like less than 10 metres away. But then, we tried too hard to hide, and our movement caught their attention.

We were like "Oh shit! Run!"

And we turn our tails and ran for our lives! We ran as fast as our little legs could carry us. After about 50 metres, I turned my head and looked back to see if the enemy had ran after us, which was a mistake. Cos I turned my head back and...


My head into straight into a low branch sticking out of the tree. Boy was it painful! But I'm a Captian and the leader of my team, so I steadied myself and continued leading my men in retreat. Bo Bian!!!!

We continued running when my guy beside me suddenly shouted in shock "Sir!! You are bleeding!!!"

Indeed, blood was flowing down my face. But I could only think of not being caught by the enemy. So I said "Never mind!! Run away from enemy 1st!!!"

Thank God the enemy did not deem us to worth too much effort of sweat and we managed to escape.

And that was the day I realised that my head was not harder than a tree.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Freaking Fruitless Weekend

Terrible Terrible Weekend this week.

Did so many things and yet I felt I have acomplished none.

I think I would have done better if I had just stayed in bed for 48 hours instead. My motorbike lesson was a waste of time. The instructors taught too slow and I was scolded for knowing too much. But its not like I showed off or anything. In the end have to go back for lesson one again. Waste my freaking time and money.

Was hoping to give the 7 Swords movie and fire works a miss and get some sleep instead. But then still went to watch the movie in the end. The movie was not bad, but still... no time to catch up with sleep.

Totally gave the fire works a miss. Cannot take it liao.

Never studied for my tests either.

Sorry I need to totally let go my frustration here. I get super touchy when I do not have enough sleep.

Booking in soon... Final week. Can't wait for it to finish.

God, please help me through this last 5 days.

Oh ya, before I go, my friends who have my password, please help me keep this blog alive for this week again. I am going to have an intensive week and wun be back until next friday.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Busy weekend...

This is one of my busiest weekend yet.

Saturday morning - My 1st bike lesson!!! Civilian bike lesson lah... Will be 3 hours long... Shack!!

Saturday afternoon - Briefing for a camp I will be participating in. Part of Church activity...

Saturday evening - Church!! (Will I see Gabrielle this time?)

Saturday night - Cell time. Love my cell but hope can go home early.

Sunday morning - SOL1!! I'm so behind in the SOLs... Have to catch up asap.

Sunday afternoon - Will be watching 7 swords. And maybe Bewitched.... Maybe...

Sunday evening - Going to catch fire works. For the 3rd time (a charm?). Hope this time will get a good view.

Sunday night - Book in!!! Sianness to the max... For the last time... Last week of RCC liao. Yeah!!!

In the mist of all these, I still have to find time to study for my tests for RCC next week... Jialat... Cannot fail!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Home is where the heart is...

I love my home. And I love my room even more.

Another night's off tonight, after the National Day holiday. Actually, today the course also quite zuo bo (do nothing) wan. Came straight home after I booked out, even if it is only for a couple of hours.

I like my room. I have everything I need here, except a fridge and a bathroom. I got my bed, my computer, television with complete home entertainment system (cheapo wan lah.. anyway the VCD player is down since dunno when). And let's not forget my arsenal of guitars which I use to noise pollute my neighbourhood with.

I also got an antique projector which I bought from Maximus at or about 4 years ago. It's so big I can use it as a coffee table. The last I checked, it was still functional. But I dun use it to screen movies anymore.

I am a very homely person. I rather spend my free time in my room more than anywhere else. I can spend the whole day playing guitar, watching television, read books, and write/ read blogs in my room. Occassions which I need to come out from my cave is only to visit the bathroom and to look for food.

Of course, I could always pee in my room but I dun think that its a good idea.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chocolate anyone?

Had a busy day today. Very busy day.

After blogging the entry in the morning, I caught Maximus on msn and arranged lunch with him. Been a long time since I last saw him and he flew over to Australia for studies. Had a good time catching up with him.

I also took the oppourtunity to get the tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory earlier, as I was going to watch it in the late afternoon. I went at 12noon to get tickets for the 4.25pm show. By then, only the front 3 rows were left. Popular show indeed.

I used the last of my movie vouchers. $7 per voucher, 1 voucher per ticket, any movie, any day of the week. I bought 40 of them less than 2 months ago. Now I am down to zero. After this its back to movies at horrendous prices again.

Charlie was great. Funny and heart warming, with a simple moral. It was a pure joy to watch. Enjoyed every bit of it. One of the best movies I have seen this year. Maybe I should grab the book one of these days and have a look at it.

After pure joy comes utter frustration.

We planned to go and watch the NDP fire works after the movie at Fullerton. But I think we were too slow. Could not get a good spot to catch the fire works and in the end we missed the whole thing instead. I think some times when the group do not have a common objective in heart, it is most difficult to acomplish the mission at hand.

Watching fire works for second time - mission fail.

Most frustrating.

It's easy to tell when I'm frustrated. I'd listen Guns n' Rose's Sweet Child of Mine at full blast. Repeating it over and over and over again.

Count down to National Day.

Went to the count down party at Marina Bay last night - something my Queen will never do. Wahaha.

Went to Marina Bay to meet some of my cell group people at the kite flying field. The 1st time that greeted me was the mud on the field. No, make that the swamp. Everybody treads around carefully to avoid the mud as much as possible, but sooner or later, you will definitely karna mud on your shoes and in your feet. I give up after 15minutes, and walked on all the mud to avoid the people instead. Too bad I can't walk on water like Jesus.

Can't believe my whole cell group put me aeroplane and left me alone there - I think they hates me. Wahaha. Thank God I managed to find some pretty babes to watch the fire works with.

I think the fire works not so nice leh... I waited 3 hours for 15minutes of non-estascy. I think maybe it was because we stood too far already. Cannot feel the awesomeness of the experience. Today I am going to watch again.

This time I want to stand so close that I can feel the fire works explode in my face. Yeah!!!!

PS: I know my cell group loves me lah. Just Joking.

Queen says Hi

Hi ya! No'thg to do, so tot of updating this "dead" blog. Haha.

Happy national day everybody! Hope everyone enjoy the holidays.


--- Queen

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dreadful sunday night...

Me booking in again... Kinda sianz.... The last time I had this feeling when I was in GCC. Dreadful dreadful...

Heehee... Watched 2 movies this weekend. Stealth and Wedding Crashers. Me slept through half of Stealth but Wedding Crashers was great. Heehee. Funny show.

Ok, just a short quick blog... Should be back tomorrow, cos it's National Day. But then will be back quite late... cos going Marina to watch fire works at midnight... So maybe no blogging tomorrow.

Oh ya. Bought a new pair of shoes today!!! Heehee... 1st time I bought shoes in my life... Wahaha. Show picture next time...

Guojun and Girls...

Queen Gabrielle did a post on the possible problems of me having too many good female friends... Which is what I will blog about today.

It is true. By and large, I prefer to have female friends than to have male friends. Generally, I have problems getting along well with guys. Much more so in the pass than now. (Working in the army helped. Hee!) In all probability, the genesis of this dates back to my Secondary school days. I come from a certain all boys school in Bishan. A land where all is in green shorts.

I will not make this a grandfather story. Let's just say that in my four years there, I have learnt what kind of self-centred egoistic jerks guys can be. And from then on, I have been problems making friends with guys.

It also doesn't help that I never talk to my Dad at home and whatever I need, I will talk to my mother instead. Even if I need to talk to my Dad, I will go through my mother.

"Ma, can help me tell Pa ... blah blah blah..."

In a very small nut shell, that is why I am so much more comfortable to be in the company of girls rather than guys.

I choose shopping over soccer. Anytime.

Queen Gab said that most girls wouldn't want their BF to be to close to other girls. I agree. And I know the problems I will face. Maybe that's why I have a problem getting a GF. Sighz..

BTW, Gab, you very power leh. The very next day I read your post, one of my GFF (good female friend) call me already.

"My boyfriend broke up with me... I am so depressed... I wanna die... blah blah blah..."

You know the routine.

Gab, You should be a prophetess or something.

Last night Miss Slow asked me "heavy sex light friends" kind of guy [i.e. if I would put girls above my friends.] In all frank and truthfulness, I dunno. Most of my good friends are girls anyway. But in all probability, I think I would put my GF 1st when the occassion arises.

Unless she being unreasonable.

I'm not making a sweeping statement here but ALL women have the tendency to be unreasonable every once in a month while... don't they?


Anyway, since I already got a Queen Gabrielle and a Master F.Feline, think I will crown her as my Emperess Dowager when she comes along.

Will I give up all my GFFs while I've got a GF? I dunno for sure. We'll have to see how it goes.

By and large, I go for the (in the words of Jade... and everybody else) "sweet sweet" type. More importantly, she also have to be rather secure with my friendship with other girls.

Plus some of the traits listed below:

She's the woman of the year
Independent, a career
There's not a thing that she couldn't do.
Oh, she's alert, she's aware
She's got legs like Astaire
And a hundred-fifty-seven I.Q.
She has several Ph.Ds
Speaks fluent Japanese
And her shoes will always match with her purse.
Whatever street she's walking down
Everybody turns around and says... Helloooo Nurse!

She likes cheese and pepperoni
Won a Pulitzer and a Tony
She played the leading role in King Lear.
She never drinks, she never smokes
She never laughs at dirty jokes
She was ambassador to China last year.
Oh, she's politically correct
She'd never call collect
She plays Chopin and she doesn't rehearse.
And when she's walking by, I give a little sigh,
and shout... Helloooo Nurse!

She gets her math equations right
She reads Tolstoy every night
She won the Nobel Prize in physics, it's true.
She drives a shiny new Corvette
Sings opera at the Met
And volunteers her time at the zoo.
Oh, she won a scholarship to Yale
Got a Fulbright in the mail
And took a two-year junior college degree.
She's manna sent from heaven
Too bad I'm only seven
'Cause, Hello Nurse, I wish you'd take care of me!

Ha! Actually that was a song by Wakko Warner. If you want to listen, can download it here.

un-guojun blog

guojun asked me to blog. but i really dunno what to blog about.

feeling incredibly sianz. and i dunno why.

ok... i do know why... haiz...

long story...

dont think anyone will be interested la hor? hahaha...

well... just tried to jiojio guojun to go HK with me... $188 per person on china airlines.

is china airlines safe?

but i think i better save my leaves for my long wedding break la. hahaha...

guojun just reminded me that i will no longer be MISS SLOW in a month's time...

ok lor... i'll be MDM SLOW then. bleah...

ok... think i better stop now or i will bore your fans, guojun. hahaha... my thoughts are a little disjointed now... =P

til then, everyone please take care!

Miss Slow

Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm Back Again!!!!!!

Hi everybody!!!! I'm back!!!! Miss me? I think my friends have been doing a wonderful job this week. Thanks for entertaining everybody when I'm not around guys. Then hor but hor, I say liao mah... Dun blog so much about me... How about blogging on the latest candidates for the coming Presidential election? Or the latest "SuperStar" results?

(But actually Guojun Um4 Chio3 [smiling secretly] Haha)

Big "HI" to my new biggest fan! Hi Dawn!!!! What brings you here? And more importantly, what makes you keep coming back? Heehee. Thanks for the interest in my humble blog... This is most flattering..

Will be posting my comments for the week here instead of the individual posts.... Like that I will have a more collective train of thought and not to mention easier for me to write.

On Some Men are IDIOTS:

Gab, ma' Queen, On behalf of all Man-kind, I wish to apologise and seek your forgiveness for being the immature jerks that we were. Please forgive us? BTW, staying pissed for too long will cause you to age 4 times faster and 3 times more likely to have pimples. So smile ok? =)

Zuj> Face it: Men are jerks. We are borne like that.. Just too bad. We can only obey our women and pray that they have a little compassion and mercy on us.

On Another guest blogger:

Vandice, Roger. Will cut and paste the description on my profile. A bit long though...

SzeShan and Miche> Hey!!! This is my blog!!! You all are suppose to say good things about me!!! Not Vandice!!!! Argh!!!!! Haha...

And Szeshan... Ok, I'm sorry, will stay and chat after service more often.

On the untitled post by Jade:

Jade, thanks. That was a sweet post. (Though you are normally not the "sweet" kind.. Heehee) I think you made the post more alive... As you can see from the comments... Heehee. Anyway, you know I do what I can to help, though I can't help in everything... Pray and ask God lah...

If Guojun know how to give good gifts to you, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

On Nothing is dead here:

Gab, babe, I know what you mean. Think I will devote a entire blog to this topic some time in the near future.

Oh ya, hope you get a nice pair of jeans soon!!!! =)

On Vandice on Guojun:

Vandice, da man, This is most flattering a post. And very acurrate too (especially on the man of few words part.. Wahaha) Not many guys get to see the softer side of me. Only a very exclusive few.

Thanks for the affirmation.

M> We were from 95 batch. Very uncle already.

12MS> Thanks for the affirmation as well. =)

Thats all for now... Will blog more in the morrow when I wake up...

Good nightz...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Vandice on Guojun

I have been preparing a draft of this for the 友情史 but I guess it is appropriate to post an excerpt up here first.

Uncle VanVan here shall dispel the myth once and for all that the GJ guy here keeps exclusively female company, as evidenced by all the nice soppy stuff pretty-ppl-who-wear skirts have been posting in his absence. Knowing guys, its difficult to articulate our feelings for a fella bro. But good things must share rite?

I've known da man for what, 10 years already? From VJ days, to being in the same church/ministry, to being fellow bloggers. In fact, he was one of the reasons why I joined the blogging scene. Reading his blog kept me in touch with his life in Singapore, and helped me understand the 'silent man' in real life. I never knew he had such a good command of English, for example. Or the fact that his inner circle were mostly babes, and gorgeous too.

If you know da man personally, the first thing that strikes you is his brevity. "Yes, no, OK lor" are all you're likely to get outta him, and that can be frustrating. It's therefore a pleasant shock to see him commit verbal diarrhea in this rather public medium, baring his soul for all asunder. GJ, it has been a pleasure dwelling into your inner world, your private struggles and intimate thoughts. It takes courage to blog so personally, and blog well you do.

If you ask me about da man, one thing that strikes me is his lack of guile. I'm sure all his friends will agree that he is a really sweet and easygoing guy who's one of the most sincere people around. Around him, we can let our guard (and hair) down and be ourselves, safe in the knowledge that he will neither judge nor condemn. No hidden agendas, no shades of meaning. A movie invite's a movie invite. Just the pleasure of company. WYSIWYG.

I remember those regular SMSes (in the hundreds) he sends out to a multitude of people, and the (tens of) tickets he'll willingly purchase for those going. Such great lengths (and costs), in the name of public service. So other-people centered, where to find?

And not just the babes. One example is brother N, whom he has stood by regardless of the different paths each traverse. I'm touched by his persistence and faithfulness. Those who are fellow believers will know how hectic school, church and cell can get. And yet da man finds time for brother N. I saw them together during service when I was back, and I am convinced brother N still goes to church primarily because of one man's dogged concern for him.

GJ, you're appreciated by many, though they may not say it. You've been a blessing, though you may not think it. On behalf of the rest, thank you for being you.

May He prosper you.

You're da man.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nothing is dead here.

What's there to post here?

Except that I need to buy a new pair of jeans, I can't think of what to write.

Oh, GJ reminds me of a church brother. Always rather nice to girls and all. Yep. Nice ppl. But then again, girls dun like their BF, or potential BF to have to many close girl-friends. You know. Like girls will think, why are you so nice to soooo many girls???

And if a guy who is very the nice to a lot of girls, then his Gf will get jealous ya know. Good guy pal NOT= (or if you are a programmer, != ) good BF.

If one day, you are out with your GF paktor, then one very very good girl friend call the BF, crying/ whining, or wanna ask him out to chat cos maybe the girl feeling depressed or kenna dumped. Then what must the guy do??

1) Tell the GF, ooi, I must go now cos this girl just kenna dumped.
2) Tell the girl, cannot, I with my GF now.

Well, if the guy choose number 1, the GF of course will be super piss lah! Then will start quarrelling.

If number 2, the girl will feel rejected and even if she's not his GF, she somehow feel like 2nd place. Then also not good.

See!!! Understanding a woman's heart is like fishing for a needle in the ocean. Chim sia!

Haiz, oh! I need a new pair of jeans!!!

GJ asked me to help him to make his blog alive. But I dun really know how coz I am not a blogger...

May b I shall blog about how we got to know each other...
I guess we knew each other somewhere around BIZAD-NUS four years ago. But those time we never talked. Coz I am not the type of girl that GJ will notice... He only noticed those sweet type one, which is very different from my taste.... Hehehe....

Then two years plus ago...My life was falling apart. I remembered tht there is a night,he came to my place with one of my cell sister. Dunno why he came,may be he was out with my cell sister. That night, I was totally broken and had talked w my cell leader n sister with him around. After that night,He smsed me to offer help and stuff.I was so so so touched.that there is people who still care.. From there onwards,we became close,I guess and somehow he became my angel...Hehehe...GJ always knew how treat his friend well in their own needs...

Yo bro, thank you a lot ... Without you,I dunno how I could pull it through...
I am sure that God will bless you a lot esp in your the other half....
Err...I dunno whether I make this entry alive or dead...Hehehe...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another guest blogger

Ooh. I'm special. Know why? I'm the first MALE guest blogger on this attract babes like honey-to-bee lef who thinks life sux blog. With the password access, I was thinking of changing the background to a more cheery color (e.g. the familiar pink of falling snow) and update the blog description to reflect the real truth. Here's a sample description:

I'm a 27 year old hamsem SNAG looking for babelicious, photogenic gals with good figure to guest blog on my behalf. Application not required because you are automatically 'volunteered' when I email/MSN/ICQ/SMS you my password and user ID.

Words are welcome but not required. Pictures are not a bonus but a must! Comments are not necessary cos my loyal commentor Vandice will reply to each and every guest post. I shall reclaim my blog on weekends. But tired as I am from the recce-ing, I shall copy stuff from said friend's blog and paste them on mine, if only to save me the effort of crafting another boh-liao classic.

I admit. I'm hiao-like-fishball. I want my next 10'000 hits in 10 weeks rather than 10 months. More power to you, babes. Pull my readership up hor. Must reward loyal fan-see mah.

Give y'all a big wet kiss. Especially for my queen. Not to forget my darling FF, whom I've promised to meow together with if we're still single at the ripe old age of 35, even though I'll be nothing but a Robert-tou getting $10 a day as pocket money. Muak! Muak!

Alrighty, gotta go earn my $$$ to buy my guitars, Ipod and other vain stuff that officers like me deserve! I play-pretend bang bang and learn how to hold map with left hand and steer bike with right hand liao.

Roger and out. Lef.

Cheery or not? Much betta than "I think life sucks, then you get cancer, then your dog dies, your wife leaves you, the cancer goes into remission, you get a new dog, you get remarried, you owe ten million dollars in medical bills..." right? Urgh, major depresso. Gimme expresso any day of the week, and twice on Sunday... Wake up your idea lah bro!

Wait a minute, hold your horses! I'm no babe. I'm just a 27 going on 50 low-life (or issit no-life) student with UNCLE written all over his face and a paunch to boot. No pictures from me, no no. So what am I doing here? Well, to beg the question, why are you still reading this nonsense? Van must be high from his caffeine dose this morning...

Without Vandice commenting on this post, let's see how many comments this entry will garner... Kekeke...

Edit: FF sez must paragraph. So I paragraph lor... (Van)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Some Men are IDIOTS

Go to my blog to read the whole story.. haha since GJ want me to post something here, so I shall.

me!!! (1)

crap lah.

Ok, I'm pissed and I just updated my blog why I am. I'm rather lazy to cut and paste the whole thing. I still must cut and paste GJ's ID and Password to come in!

Clicky clicky here!!!

PS: the MEN I'm referring to is NOT NOT NOT GJ! He's a real nice guy.