Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Election

I'm going to talk about the Election!!

Nono... Not about the General Election which is plastering every front page of Straits Times everyday now... I got nothing to say about that... except maybe that Mr Chee should just shut up already....
Politics is not my forte.

The Election I am going to talk about is Election 2, the Movie. I watched Election part 1 several moons back with Miss Jade. And the election they talked about is no governmental election, but rather, the Hong Kong triads are electing their new chairman. So you see a lot of fights and blood all over the screen.

Election 2 continues with Lok (Simon Yam) ending his term as the chairman after 2 years and its time for another election. Lok, this time, becomes the bad guy (actually, its a HK triad movie, so they are ALL bad guys anyway) and desires to continue his reign in the Society. Of course that is against the rules, but there are no suitable canidates to take over him, except for Jimmy Lee (Louis Khoo). And so the fight begins.

Great movie and it has a lot of underlining political messages, though I thought Election 1 was more entertaining. Be warned, of the scene which earned this movie its M18 rating. It is where Jimmy took a chopper and cut off his enemy's arm, put it in the grinder and feed the meat to the dogs.. Very Very graphic. Turned my stomach a few times over.

Thats enough politics for me for a while....

The rest of the day is spent in church. Going for QQS meeting, congre meeting (never mind what they were if you dun know) and finally celebrating Jen Lee's birthday. I think the standard for celebrating birthdays in this cell group is very high. Which is very fun... Wahaha.

Lazy to put up the pictures...

I took a look at my bank account last night... and saw that I'm at the verge of bankruptcy... SOB!! God help me!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

thurs and fri...

Hey hey.... I'm a bit busy the past 2 days.....

Spend Thursday evening at my SM2's hostel... and by the time I sent my 2 other friends home, it's past 11pm... I had a good time chatting with my kids... but I think everytime must come up with new ideas to keep them entertained... Haha.. How ah? How to keep little kids entertained? Other then buying sweets and ice-cream for them.....

Last night was baptism service for some of my friends. Meaning to say, Yanglin, Sabrina, Sophia and Sarah were baptised into Jesus Christ through water last night. Thank God that I was able to go... because actually I had to stay back last minute for work... but then last last minute rain, thunder and lightning filled the skies so the work was postponed. Wahaha

And last night, 2 PRC guys gave their lives to Jesus.. Yeah! I will be following up with them.. and if everything goes well (fingers crossed x x), with God's blessing, I will be starting my own cell group soon!!! Wahaha.

More activities up this weekend... will blog more later..

Oh ya, I dun have to vote!! Wahaha. I think people living in Bishan too happy already, no point for opposition to come cos we all very happy with our PAP MPs... wahaha.... Happy holidays!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Another sianz day.

I went for my motorbike lesson 3 again today (third time liao) and it was raining when we started. We have to wear this stupid rain coat to ride in the rain.

And I got a totally lousy bike. For no reason it keep stalling. Then the rear brakes like not really working like that. Have to press hard before it reacted. Then when I press a bit too hard, the bike tyres locked and my bike went into a skid. That happened a couple of times and I almost fell.

Then my other complain: The stupid rain made the road so slippery that I have problem doing all the balancing courses. Ride a bit faster ten like want to slip off like that. Ride a bit slower then I cannot balance..

So its the stupid rain's fault. And the stupid bike also... Make me fail me Lesson 3 for the 3rd time. Sianz!


I'm not sure if it is common to ALL man (and woman also) but very often, very very often, Man is very quick to blame others when something had gone wrong.

"It's the society's fault, it's my parent's fault, it's the teacher's/ classmate's/ boss's/ colleague's/ everybody else's fault but mine."

Very rarely will somebody stand up and say "The entire thing is my fault." Even if somebody says they are responsible, they usually 1) are only willing to take a certain part of the responsibility, and push the rest to somebody else, or 2) find some excuses to minimise his guilt.

Very rarely will people stand up and say "I screw up. I am sorry." More likely, they will say "I screw up, but its because..."

Adam was the 1st. After he ate the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (otherwise known as THE Apple), he said to God:"The woman you put here, she gave me the fruit and I ate it." In essence he is saying "God! It's your fault! You put the woman here!"

Admitting our mistakes is something that is not easy to do. Cos it hurts the very centre of our Pride. But if everyone (including myself) can be a little more humble, this world will be a much much better place....

I think...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free Cone Day

Had a great day today. Wahaha.

Me went to consume my 1st Ben and Jerry's ice cream today!

Saw this poster in FF's blog (wun link because it is password-ed) that says today is Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day! That means they are giving out 1 free scoop of ice cream to everyone today! Wahaha. I have heard so much about B&J that I decide to try one for myself.

Good thing my camp is near the zoo, which has one B&J outlet and so I got my guys together during lunch time and we drove down for a quick bitelick. The queue was not very long (expected cos not many people will be in the zoo at that time) and we got our ice cream within minutes. I think most of the people there are staff from the zoo.

The ice cream was great! I dunno what issit called, but I think it's vanilla with cookie dough inside. It was comparable to Hagendaz, imho... can't say which is better.. Haha.

Thanks FF for the tip. (It doesn't rhyme!)

When I came out from the zoo, the carparking fees is $3.80, which is quite expensive considering I parked there for like 20minutes. But no choice. Zoo'z parking is 3.80 per entry.

So I paid $3.80 for a free ice cream cone today! Wahaha.

They were suppose to give out the ice cream until 7pm or while stocks last. And judging from the crowd there, I dun think they can finish giving out by 7. I wanted to try my luck there again after work but I forgot about it and went straight home.

Today my 6 day old guitar student is playing for cell group. I wonder how she did?

Monday, April 24, 2006

New friend...

Made a new friend yesterday. It was the veii that commented on my blog a few times. And he has added me in his msn. Our first conversation goes like this:

veii: hi guojun
GJ: hihi
veii: well, you asked who i was
veii: so here i am

GJ: veii?
veii: uh, yes
GJ: oic....
veii: anyways - i like to read your blog - if you don't mind
GJ: ha!
GJ: of course i dun mind

veii: i want you to know that i think you are a good man - though it is kind of ridiculous to say that of someone i have never met
veii: just a gut feel

GJ: good man??
GJ: haha
GJ: everybody is a good man
GJ: dun u think?

veii: yeah - it's a nice thought
veii: but
veii: i tend to think it is the ones who have to ask themselves whether they have done good today that are the ones who are, well, really good

GJ: oic...

(chatter chatter...)

veii: well, here's something somewhat personal - i think you have taken a turn for the sunnier side - at least from your blog?
veii: i think that is good too..
GJ: u have been reading for long huh?
veii: haha - well, it is a very compelling and personal blog
veii: you have been dealing with your struggles - personal, professional and spiritual - quite publicly..?
GJ: i write for my own record lah...
GJ: there r some things i dun write also

veii: yeah - well, there's got to be more to a person than a blog, obviously
and of course, it's not like i'd e-mail or msn just any blogger i come across
veii: but i wanted to say something nice to you
veii: errr.. hope i have? Anyway, here's to a better week ahead
GJ: thanks
GJ: u've made my day

Ha! Nice to make a new friend, especially someone that appreciates your blog.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Me been sitting here for a while. Have a burning desire to blog something but also had no idea what to blog.... I have many things that I want to blog, but I dun want to blog something if I do not have the time to fully develop my ideas....

Maybe I will talk about the Theory of Evolution. It is widely accepted that Charles Darwin is the man that proposed that the theory through his paper "The Origin of the Species" published in 1859. And since then, the general public has come to accepted that theory as a "fact".

But I totally disagree with the statement, or any claim that evolution is a "fact". Ok, I know that viruses and bacteria do mutate to become resistant to drugs and such. This, called Micro evolution, is scientifically proven to be true. But Macro evolution, which says that life start as a single cell and evolved to our current state, is (pardon my French) bullshit.

The Theory of Evolution cannot be true, and here are some of the reasons why:

1) The origin of life. In Darwin's time, it was believed that life can spring out of matter, like maggots that came out from a piece of meat. But Science have since proved that it is an impossibility to create life out of matter. The myth that life's 1st building blocks - a basic protein - was 1st created in the unstable atmosphere of Earth's formative years. But try as they might, evolution scientists, with their extensive knowledge and research, were unable to reproduce the said protein.

2) The formation of complex organs. Charles Darwin's Theory states very beautifully how one creature can "transform" to another by growing limbs, beaks, wings... etc. But it cannot explain the formation of a complex organ from a cell. For example, the 'eye' (not the movie 'The Eye') consists of the retina, the cornea, the pupil and muscles separated into some 40 different components. And any one of these is useless without the rest of the 'eye parts'. In other words, for an eye to be successfully evolved, all its component have to come into being simultaneously. The probability of a single protein forming by chance is calculated to be 1: 10 to the power of 950. That's 1 and 950 zeros behind. Dun even begin to think about the probability of an eye forming from nothing.

3) Creatures of flight. Evolutionary have us believe that birds learn to fly because they had 1st developed skin that help them glide and then later those skin "evolved" into wings. What they had forgotten to tell us, is that birds' skeletal and respiratory system is completely different from the rest of the animals. The skeleton of birds is hollow and light, hence allowing it flight. Any other animals' bones does not have this special feature. And the way the bird breathes is completely different from everybody else. But I'm sorry to say that I do not have the capacity here to fully explain it. But it is suffice to say that the Theory of Evolution cannot explain these at all.

4) The bipedal problem. Actually, man's ability to walk on 2 legs is an "evolutionary retreat". All studies have shown that walking on 2 legs is an evolutionary disaster. Our speed is greatly reduced, and so is our balance and mobility. That's why King Kong uses his hands to walk when he was acting in the movie...

5) The discovery of genetics and DNA. Actually, the discovery of genes and DNA completely debunked Charles Darwin's theory. The idea that life evolved slowly over billions of years becomes an impossibility. The only way life could "evolve" now is through mutation, changing of DNA and the genetic information which is to be passed down to the next generation (think X-Men). But so far, studies have shown that mutation only serves to destroy lives, not improve it.

There are many many other reasons and studies to prove that Evolution is a lie. But enough of that. I will talk about what I personally believe in.

I believe that God created the entire universe in 7 days. (and not 7000 days that some people suggest), starting with light and darkness on the 1st day followed by the plants, fishes and all the animals, and finally finishing with Man on the 6th day. On the 7th day, God rested from all His work.

Now, is that so hard to believe?

One more thing

One more thing, in addition to my previous post...

Went for my motorbike Lesson 3 yesterday morning. This is my second time doing lesson 3. To my surprise, the instructor said that those that are repeating this lesson can ride and practise on their own.

And so I did.

Me and 3 others went ahead and do our own training. Lesson 3 consist of E brake, the plank and slalom. Basically I have no problem with all but the slalom, so I went ahead to practise on that immediately.

But try as I might, I could not get the trick of negotiating the short. Yes, I did that when I was doing my military bike before, but this feels totally different. Okok... Maybe I'm just finding excuses...

So I stopped and approached the insrtuctor for advice. But he was like:

Why? You want to do your own training what! Then now you anyhow ride the slalom. You and No. 2 the same!

He was refering to the guy with the tag number 2. And he dismissed me at that.

Argh!! I was fuming! But what to do? He dun want to teach... So I carry on riding on my own and try to find the trick for doing the thihng lor... Until the LAST 5 minutes of the lesson, then he stopped me and pointed out my mistakes. Then after that I have no problem doing the course. But then he still thinks I should come back and do Lesson 3 again.

Sian! Waste my time and money....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Down Down Down......

Feeling down.

Hmm... where do I start?

Maybe I start with the 2 summons I got in the last 2 days. So stupid. I was going to turn left into my home mah.... so I go into the bus lane lor.... if not how to turn? Got a lot of things that I want to say to LTA now that I cannot put it down in print... Wahaha.

I wanted to go down to LTA and complain appeal but my friend WK say it wun be much use. So I think maybe I will not waste my time. But still! The summons total to $260. "White white" give to LTA. And its not my fault lor! Super sianz....

How? Any advice? What should I do? I dun think I should be fined cos its not like I delibrately go on the bus lane.. But then its unlikely that LTA will do anything...

Maybe I should approach my MP for help.... Haha....


Then the next thing is about my SM2 and my guitar group. Nowadays, I feel like I have reached the limit of what I am able to give them. Now I feel very lost and dunno what to do. Not sure if this feeling is really valid... or i'm just PMS-ing. But nowadays when I go down and see them, I feel kinda lost... Maybe I see that they are more or less able to take care of themselves already and maybe they dun need me anymore.

Hee, maybe that's what parents feel like when they see the children grow up.

Hmm... I think I'm crazy already.

So all these things combined, and feelings of inadecaucy slowly creep in... So now I feel kinda very down...

Wanted to get some chocolates just now as comfort food, the really very very good type, not Snickers or Mars Bar... But then I remember that Jesus is my comfort and my strength, not chocolates.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mustard Guitar Fat

Me met 12 MustardSeeds yesterday for dinner.

She told me she will be at Marina Square in the evening, so I told her to have Carl's Jr for dinner, which she agreed... And I expected to have Carl's Jr for dinner. Haha. I am filled with such expectance that I skipped lunch so that I can have a greater capacity for Carl's Jr burger. Then then it turns that the blur girl was at Meritus Mandarin instead of Marina Mandarin. Wahaha.

So we had Crystal Jade at Takashimaya instead. The food was not bad lah... but still... not my Carl's Jr (although start with "C" and "J" also...) I told my guys I'm skipping lunch so that I can have more space for Carl's Jr dinner later.... But then it never happen lor.... I never have my Carl's Jr last night.....

Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr Carl's Jr ........................

After, I sent her back and went to another friends place.

It's like this:
Yesterday afternoon, I received a phonecall from my friend, YL, saying that she needs to play guitar for cell group next Tuesday and the thing is, she doesn't know how to play guitar. Panic button! So I went down last night to her place to teach her how to play the guitar.

So she got less than one week for her to be trained to be able to play proficiently and to lead worship as well, so she's got a lot of work to do. We went through the songs she wants to use for next week, focusing on the ones that she could learn to play in a short (i.e 6 days) time. After that I got her to do some chords related to the songs, basic drills on how guitar playing and followed by practicing the songs.

I must say she is very talented. I think she can do it. Haha. The fastest I have taught a guy to play was about 2+ weeks. And he could play decently well for cell worship. So for YL, with a little hard work + her talent and commitment, I think she can do it. Yeah!

Nowadays I put on quite a bit of weight. So much I have problem fitting into some of my jeans... =(

So I keep telling myself to eat less.... But in the end I still eat quite a lot... well not really alot a lot lah... but still more than I should to lose weight... Keep telling myself to eat less, then turn around and start eating all the junk again....

I feel like FF trying to quit smoking.... Wahaha

Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday the 17th

What a day.

Actually, only the morning was bad. But bad enough for me to take note of this date for a long time to come.

Monday the 17th: Almost as bad as Friday the 13th.

Since I had been posted to Sembawang Airbase, once in a while, me and the guys from my branch will go out to the nearby coffeeshop for roti prata breakfast. Today is one of these days.

So ,me and 5 other guys happily squeezed into my little Cerato and drove out of the camp to the coffeeshop nearby. 500m down the road, just before I turn into the estate with the coffeeshop, I was talking to the guys and did not notice that the traffic lights have gone red....

So I went right through it. When I realised what I had done, I was like "oops!" but didn't think much about it... until I turn around and saw the cameras beside the traffic lights. Darn! That's 12 points and 200 dollars! Sucks.

So I should be expecting to get the letter from the Traffic Police in 2 weeks time... unless the camera issit working... Din see any flash though....

Then when we went to the coffee shop, we realised that the prata shop was not open this morning. Argh! What a wasted trip and in addition, I had to forfeit 12 points and 200 dollars for nothing...

But we still decide to eat in the coffeeshop, so we went ahead and ordered our wanton mee and porridge and iced milos... Halfway through our breakfast, some Bangladash workers came beside us and started doing some roadworks... like 2metres away from our table! And the smoke and dust start to cloud all around us... It was so bad that we had to move our table away.

That's strike 3. And we're out.

Monday the 17th: Almost as bad as Friday the 13th.

Enough of that.

On a happier note, I had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday. Church was great! And so many people gave their lives to Christ, its a wonderful sight to behold. After that, we went to my cell mate, Joshua's place to have a Easter celebration party. We had a wonderful time there, and I made a new friend called Ken, which was great because he is also a guitar freak just like me.. Haha...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

2 2s and 3 3s

So far, weekend is so busy...

I have celebrated 2 birthdays in the span of 2 days and watched 3 movies in the span of 3. 1st 2 movies I have watched is Take the Lead and Heaven's Gates, Hell's flames.

The 3rd movie I watched this weekend, I watched last night. I think it's been a long time since I watched a movie with Miss E (not counting the HGHF). She only like high explosion+ high action + high body count type of movies. And not forgetting the high Hunk (not HULK) factor.

So yesterday we went to watch Firewall by Harrison Ford, whom I liked too. I think over all the movie was ok. A bit predictable and not a lot of exciting bits, but overall still ok. I'll give it maybe 3 or 3.5 stars.

I have one question though: Why do the bad guys always die in all these Hollywood movies? Why can't they go to jail or something? Or why can't they be suffering the endless torture of watch Phua Chu Kang for eternity?

Oh ya, Hollywood dun have PCK.

Speaking of Hollywood, why do all the big movie capitals have to copy Hollywood's brand name? 1st we have Bollywood from India, and now we have Sollywood from S.Korea. What's next? Do they have a Jollywood from Japan yet? Or do they call it Nollywood from the Nippon? Collywood from China? How about Singapore? We can't use Sollywood cos the Koreans beat us to it. I know! We can call it Sillywood.

And when is Hongkeewood going to start giving us quality movies again?

No offence to the Singapore flim-makers. And I confess that I enjoyed most of Jack Neo's movies.

Celebrated 2 birthdays for the past 2 days. Friday's was for one of my SM2's birthday. I sms-ed all the people in the group except the birthday boy. Suppose to be surprise mah! But then the real surprise came... The birthday boy is not around!! Wahaha. Quite funny. He went to the zoo to celebrate birthday with his friends. So we called him to come back so that we can celebrate with him.. Wahaha.

Then the next birthday, which is yesterday, we celebrated my cell mate, Daniel's birthday. Another surprise party, planned by his girlfriend. Wahaha. But then mission fail again. This time he came before we were ready to spring the surprise. Wahaha. So we had to ask him to go out and come back again... ...

Daniel's girlfriend, Liz, made alot alot alot of food, like really a lot of food. Think I ate like 2,000,000 calories yesterday.

Today is Easter sunday!

Friday, April 14, 2006

One movie and one movie

I watched Take the Lead last night. It about this guy who thinks he can make the world a better place by teaching ballroom dancing to African American kids.

The critics gave it 2 stars. I gave it 4.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie because 1) I like all those heart-warming-feel-good-I-believe-I-can-change-the-world type of movies, like Coach Carter and... I can't think of anything else right now. 2) I absolutely adore ballroom dancing! I think I have mentioned it somewhere in my blog before, that I took ballroom with this girl I had a crush on when I was in Uni.

Jade, who watched the movie with me last night, enjoyed the movie too. So it should be worth more than 2 stars... really. And it is really cool to see the kids mix Hip Hop and ballroom together..

Anybody wants to go ballroom dancing with me? I'll buy you a flat and diamond ring.

Woke up early this morning cos was meeting my friend, Miss E for movie. Actually, its a Christian production called Heaven's Gates, Hell's flames. I did not invite Miss E; in fact, she invited me. Actually, she was invited by a friend who is also from my church. Then she asked me to go along with her.

Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flame was a significant production for me. It was originally produced as a play and then later converted into a movie. 10 years ago, I watched the play version for the 1st time and gave my life to Jesus Christ at Trinity Christian Centre. Today I watched the movie version and a lot of memories came back. And in some ways, I felt the 1st touch I felt from God 10 years ago.

It is like being born-again again.

Thank you God, for touching my life anew, and bringing me back to the 1st love I felt 10 years ago.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Evil Christians

Sat down at 10.00pm in front of my computer, with full intention to start writing my blog immediately. Now its almost 11.30. Wahaha.

Had spent the last 1.5 hours chatting on msn....

My topic of the day is Evil Christians.

Christians are actually not "good" people. Precisely, Christians are Christians because they know that they are not good. In other (religious) words, they know that they are "sinners". Then the next thing they believe is that Jesus, the Son of God, died for their sins and at the same time, forgives them. Thus releasing them from the curse of their sin.

There is a lot more to elaborate than that, but right now, that will be sufficient.

My point is that Christians have flaws too. They have faults and they are not immuned to sin. Therefore, do not expect Christians to be super role model citizens or all holy-moly goody goody two shoes...

Christians are humans too. We are subjected to greed, lust, laziness and all the 7 sins depicted in the Hollywood movie, Seven. We try our best not to commit them, but a lot of times, we fail. Of course that doesn't make us murderers or rapist. Maybe we tell a white lie, or we did not return a mis-calculated change from the cashier. Or maybe we lost our temper at somebody today. All those things.

To err is human, to forgive is divine. And to know that one has erred and seek divine forgiveness is Christian.

But God will not leave us in our flawed state forever. Slowly, He will do a work in us and cause us to change for the better. Personally, I believe this is true, for this is the reality of my experience.

But pride. Pride is one thing that should not be evident in a Christian. For to seek forgiveness, one must first forgo his pride. And God has said in the Bible a lot of times, pride is the ultimate of all evils. Pride is what makes the devil the Devil.

Therefore a Christian is not, when he is full of pride. And especially not when he thinks himself better than others because he is saved. That is why I am slightly disturbed when I came across the blog of this friend of mine. He seems have misplaced the emphasis of Jesus's teachings. Here are some of the things he wrote:

"I'm much more righteous, pure and stronger than you, so get off me before you pollute the air around me."

"Yes indeed I managed to be more "perfect" than normal guys..."

"I don't let the world judge what I do, becasue 99.999% of the world's inhabitants are blind and pursue worldly stuffs.."

"As I've proclaimed myself to be so much more righteous than anyone else around me, I stand in a very different light as they do..."

Not sure if he reads my blog. Doesn't really matter. I pray that God will teach him to have compassion and love, to be humble and forgiving, and heal him of the wounds of his heart.

What do you think? Comments?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Run Run...

Cell came to my house for cell today...

hmm... that doesn't sound right...

but never mind....

We watched the Passion of Christ on projector in my room... wahahaha... it was fun.. Thank God, cos at first we couldn't get the sound out on my speaker. So we had to rely on the tiny speaker from the projector for sound, which is really really soft... but it turns out we can hear the movie perfectly well once everyone settles down and keep quiet.. haha.

Went for a run with some of the NS guys from my Squadron today. Turns out that airbase people are not as nua as I thought.. *ahem... Was trying to lead them at 1st, but in the end I ran slower than some of them... So paiseh...

Tomorrow is another day! Must continue training!! Jia You!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

finally... wahaha...

Finally got some real work to do in the office. And suddenly all of them come at once... A bit overwhelming at 1st, but as the dust settles, things look more.. well.. ok...

Movies this week that I want to watch:
Take the Lead
Eight Below
Ice Age and V for Vendetta

but the last 2 has become low priority.. heehee.. I usually dun watch movies that are past their prime... I like to catch my movies on the opening weekend, although I had to pay a couple of bucks more, I dun mind because I get to enjoy the atmosphere of the full house cinema.

Haha.. Still cannot get over The Producers... So dun be alarm if you catch me laughing to myself out of nowhere...

My cell is coming my place to watch The Passion Of Christ tomorrow... need to go pack my room now...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Saturday (part 2)

Part 2..

After which, some of them went home while some of them (Ze Jun, Xiao Min and Huang Yi) and me decided to go to Marina Square to jalan jalan (walk walk) a bit. We went past the City Link where we saw Mark Li and Vivian Lai doing the live recording of some TV show. 王牌对王牌, if you know what show it is. The kids immediately took out their camera phones and start taking pictures of the celebrities they saw.

Vivian Lai really quite pretty. I think the last time I saw her show was in Holland V. But too bad she's married liao. Haha
48 018
Vivian Lai, taken from one of my kid's handphone.

Haha. After that, Xiao Min commented "I saw that guy (Mark Li) on TV before, hosting the comedy night show. Just now I wanted to go over and tell him he is so not funny!" Wahaha.

We proceeded to Marina where the girls start their window shopping, while I followed them around. I love to go shopping with girls... and entice them to buy stuff when they have no money to... Haha!

I heard this TWICE, from 2 different people yesterday:
The difference between a man and a woman - When a man wants to buy a pair of pants, he went straight to the shop and buy the pants. When a woman wants to buy a pair of pants, she would walk all over the shopping mall, spend $300 dollars, bought everything but pants!

Wahaha. I heard it twice in the same day by 2 different people. So it must be very true. Wahaha!

Watched The Producers yesterday in the evening, with Kenneth, Lynette and Joshua. The movie is a musical-movie + comedy. And it is SO FUNNY! Wahaha. I cannot stop laughing the entire time in the cinema. Oh ya, Skybellz, the show was really really very good. So good that I dun mind watching it again. I think the producers of The Producers were brilliant! And I think Uma Thurman was so cute in the movie! Definitely a 5 stars in my book.

My Saturday (part 1)

As usual, My weekends is much more occupied than my week days. This post will be devided into 2 parts.. because it is so long....

Yesterday started at 0830 in the morning with me at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre for my 3rd motorbike lesson. Haha! I am so slow!!! Lesson 3 was on E-brake, plank and slalom... Never mind if you did not know what that means.... Haha.. After the lesson, the instructor told me I had to come back and repeat the class.. Kinda expected it... cos I never touch motorbike for so long liao.. forgot how to balance on the plank liao... and I keep falling off...

After the lesson ended on 1030, I went over to Marina Square and then Boat Quay. Sing Ai, church mate and co-befriender to our SM2 group, just got promoted and she is giving a lunch treat to everybody. And we ate at some Chinese Xi An/Shaanxi resturant whose famous dish is some unleaven bread in mutton soup.

That's Sing Ai in the centre. Possibly future Perm Sect in the making.. Haha.

As usual, I had a wonderful time with my SM2 kids. After which myself and the kids went to Swenson's to Charlie Echo (continue eating) .. Haha. so bad.... So fat already still eat so much.. eat ice cream some more... But more importantly is that me and the kids really have a good time lah. Except Ze Jun who was so full from the lunch that she cannot down a single spoon of ice cream.

I'm not sure why, but the kids always like to take picture of their ice cream before they eat them... Haha.
End of part 1. Part 2 later....

Friday, April 07, 2006

Thank God its Friday again

Another week has past. Had some interesting events this week..

Wanted to watch Ice Age 2 on Monday and V for Vendetta on Thursday but neither of them materialized. The only movie that I will be watching, I hope, will be The Producers tomorrow evening.

On Tuesday, I realized that I cannot fit into my favourite pair of jeans, which set all alarm bells ringing. I have gained weight again. This leads to my running 5km almost everyday for the rest of the week. Tummy really grown bigger... Jialat.

On Wednesday, I visited IMH aka Woodbridge for the first time. Not I got problem lah.... brought a friend there.. that's all I will say..

Nothing much on Thursday, except I joined this holiday club thingy... can get good prices for hotel around the world... like 400+ for a 5 star hotel... dun have the details with me now though... But then again, I'm not sure if I got so much time and money for holidays now... See how lah... maybe can let my friends use or what..

Met up with Kenneth, my cell leader, today. We went to Marina Square for dinner and some chit chat. And despite my weighty issues, we decide to have Carl's Jr for dinner. This is the 1st time I have ever eaten at Carl's Jr, and I must say, I is really really as good as everyone says it would be. And the portion is so so big that I can hardly finish the burger. I ate the Double Western Bacon Cheese Burger, which, I say again, is really really very good. Now is close to midnight and I am still burping Carl's Jr.

If I was previously described as a Carl's Jr virgin, does that mean that I am now deflowered?

BTW, had a really good time catching up with Kenneth as well.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Have staring at this blank space for a while...

Dunno what to write..

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekly weekend...

Nowadays my weekends are more busy than my weekdays... Wahaha...

Went roller blading on Saturday. Very long never roller blade liao... Was surprise I can do it... Had a good time... especially with my sm2 kids....

After that we have BBQ and played some games...

But too bad only 5 of them from my group turn up....

Today is the usual church, guitar lesson whole day....

Am rather tired... Want to sleep....