Friday, April 14, 2006

One movie and one movie

I watched Take the Lead last night. It about this guy who thinks he can make the world a better place by teaching ballroom dancing to African American kids.

The critics gave it 2 stars. I gave it 4.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie because 1) I like all those heart-warming-feel-good-I-believe-I-can-change-the-world type of movies, like Coach Carter and... I can't think of anything else right now. 2) I absolutely adore ballroom dancing! I think I have mentioned it somewhere in my blog before, that I took ballroom with this girl I had a crush on when I was in Uni.

Jade, who watched the movie with me last night, enjoyed the movie too. So it should be worth more than 2 stars... really. And it is really cool to see the kids mix Hip Hop and ballroom together..

Anybody wants to go ballroom dancing with me? I'll buy you a flat and diamond ring.

Woke up early this morning cos was meeting my friend, Miss E for movie. Actually, its a Christian production called Heaven's Gates, Hell's flames. I did not invite Miss E; in fact, she invited me. Actually, she was invited by a friend who is also from my church. Then she asked me to go along with her.

Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flame was a significant production for me. It was originally produced as a play and then later converted into a movie. 10 years ago, I watched the play version for the 1st time and gave my life to Jesus Christ at Trinity Christian Centre. Today I watched the movie version and a lot of memories came back. And in some ways, I felt the 1st touch I felt from God 10 years ago.

It is like being born-again again.

Thank you God, for touching my life anew, and bringing me back to the 1st love I felt 10 years ago.


Blogger serendipity said...

oh! you go to trinity too. =)

9:13 pm  
Blogger Handsel said...

i watched the show last night too.i thought it was fantabulous. I wished I could dance like that

11:55 pm  

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