Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Saturday (part 2)

Part 2..

After which, some of them went home while some of them (Ze Jun, Xiao Min and Huang Yi) and me decided to go to Marina Square to jalan jalan (walk walk) a bit. We went past the City Link where we saw Mark Li and Vivian Lai doing the live recording of some TV show. 王牌对王牌, if you know what show it is. The kids immediately took out their camera phones and start taking pictures of the celebrities they saw.

Vivian Lai really quite pretty. I think the last time I saw her show was in Holland V. But too bad she's married liao. Haha
48 018
Vivian Lai, taken from one of my kid's handphone.

Haha. After that, Xiao Min commented "I saw that guy (Mark Li) on TV before, hosting the comedy night show. Just now I wanted to go over and tell him he is so not funny!" Wahaha.

We proceeded to Marina where the girls start their window shopping, while I followed them around. I love to go shopping with girls... and entice them to buy stuff when they have no money to... Haha!

I heard this TWICE, from 2 different people yesterday:
The difference between a man and a woman - When a man wants to buy a pair of pants, he went straight to the shop and buy the pants. When a woman wants to buy a pair of pants, she would walk all over the shopping mall, spend $300 dollars, bought everything but pants!

Wahaha. I heard it twice in the same day by 2 different people. So it must be very true. Wahaha!

Watched The Producers yesterday in the evening, with Kenneth, Lynette and Joshua. The movie is a musical-movie + comedy. And it is SO FUNNY! Wahaha. I cannot stop laughing the entire time in the cinema. Oh ya, Skybellz, the show was really really very good. So good that I dun mind watching it again. I think the producers of The Producers were brilliant! And I think Uma Thurman was so cute in the movie! Definitely a 5 stars in my book.


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