Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Saturday (part 1)

As usual, My weekends is much more occupied than my week days. This post will be devided into 2 parts.. because it is so long....

Yesterday started at 0830 in the morning with me at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre for my 3rd motorbike lesson. Haha! I am so slow!!! Lesson 3 was on E-brake, plank and slalom... Never mind if you did not know what that means.... Haha.. After the lesson, the instructor told me I had to come back and repeat the class.. Kinda expected it... cos I never touch motorbike for so long liao.. forgot how to balance on the plank liao... and I keep falling off...

After the lesson ended on 1030, I went over to Marina Square and then Boat Quay. Sing Ai, church mate and co-befriender to our SM2 group, just got promoted and she is giving a lunch treat to everybody. And we ate at some Chinese Xi An/Shaanxi resturant whose famous dish is some unleaven bread in mutton soup.

That's Sing Ai in the centre. Possibly future Perm Sect in the making.. Haha.

As usual, I had a wonderful time with my SM2 kids. After which myself and the kids went to Swenson's to Charlie Echo (continue eating) .. Haha. so bad.... So fat already still eat so much.. eat ice cream some more... But more importantly is that me and the kids really have a good time lah. Except Ze Jun who was so full from the lunch that she cannot down a single spoon of ice cream.

I'm not sure why, but the kids always like to take picture of their ice cream before they eat them... Haha.
End of part 1. Part 2 later....


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