Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sit Rep...

Finally, after 4 days, I am sober enough to write on my blog...

Been sick since monday, after a spiritually climatic weekend. Monday was still not so bad, it got worse on Tuesday and I hit rock bottom on Wednesday. Fever reached a high of 39.1 degrees. I think the last time I had such high fever was when I was in Primary school...

It was terrible. All I did was lie in bed whole day, getting up only for meals and medicine, and also going to the toilet. I was so weak and in a daze I could not do anything else..

Thank God I felt so much better today, though still a bit weak. I am able to move about and even type this entry. Yesterday, I couldn't even sit up for 2 minutes.

Tomorrow, me and my cell group will be going to Muar for a retreat. I will go regardless of my health, but most certainly I would like to go there in good health.

Can't wait for tomorrow... can't wait for the retreat.


Blogger Wai^KiAn said...

chew sir!!ni hai hao mah?wai kian here. Its been sooo long since i saw u in the office...BRC is like missing someone. sighz,luckily ur out of the bde,caz the crazy RSM came out with new stunt again...duh..Hoope u can fly well in ur new unit!!

11:29 pm  

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