Sunday, March 19, 2006

The best G 12 conference ever

I think we just had the best G12 conference ever.

Just a quick background. 5 years ago, my church adopted the "G12 Vision", where G12 stands for "Government of 12". In short, each person is to find 12 person whom he will lead and disciple, and together they will reach the world for Christ. In very short lah...

And every year we have a G12 conference, where we re-align our selves to the vision and refresh our spirits for the race.

The conference started on Thursday evening (where Jayaxe saw me in Yishun mrt, waiting to pick up my friends to go to church together... and they were all late!!! Haha) until Saturday night. It was rather tiring I must say, where I had to wake up by 7am in the morning and I dun reach home until after 12 midnight after the conference. But I must say, the conference has been fruitful and up-lifting, to say the least.

Many things to take home from this conference. There is a new refreshment from the Revelation of the Cross, where He died for our sins and gave us victory. A renewal in the Heart to serve God and the authority that comes from servant-hood. There is the recollection of the 12 values of the vision, where actually we only talked about 7 of them Haha. We re-looked into the concept of 3 Generational Ministry and the issue of loyalty, and affirmed that we will give our best as long as we believe that this is what God has called the church to do.

But most importantly, there is a revival in my heart for the fulfillment of the vision within my own life, to seek my 12 disciple and go do mission work in China. Yeah. Have already signed up for the Thousand Linking Hands project. (I talked to Ps Jeffery immediately after Ps Eugene's message) Pray that I can get through the selection, cos place are limited actually.

I believed that all who went has been blessed by the conference. Personally, I have the privilige to go for all 3 days, because my boss has granted me leave for this event. I cannot help but think that those who did not manage to come for all the sessions has missed out much of what God has done in the church in the past 3 days. Much more so for those who did not manage to come at all. (I know some of you who read my blog did not go for the conference. Please understand that this is not to make you feel guilty or what, but just that I feel a bit sorry for those who missed it.)

As always, the conference ended in exuberant worship at the last message of the last day. But I wonder how many walked out of the conference really touched and changed? Yes, I believe there are many who has re-affirmed their commitment to the vision, but I fear that there will be people who, once returned to the busyness of their routine, forgot about the Lord's destiny for them.

Today is Sunday.

Tomorrow I go back to the office.

Will I forget my convictions then?

I dunno. I pray not...


Anonymous hui said...

hey, glad tat you were touched by God once again! =)n since i'm one of the unfortunate few who din get to go this time, share more wif me if possible k.

take care bro! (",)

2:16 pm  
Blogger serendipity said...

hi, I just happened to chance upon your blog and I am really glad to hear of such conference going on.

Recently I just attended this service about surviving the corporate jungle without losing your soul, and it tells of how we can still connect with God not just inside the church, even in our workplace. I am glad that you are blessed to be given offdays for this conference. I was enlightened by just one service, I couldn't have imagined the effect of the conference on me. I would be glad to be part of it. =)

3:53 pm  

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