Saturday, March 11, 2006

D.I.S.C. weekend.

There are times when I, or anyone of us, was faced with intense adversity and overwhelmed by anxiety. True? There are times when frustration got the better of us and we lost sight of everything logical. No?

Had one of those times yesterday. Was totally frustrated... but suddenly God said, "Do you think I have forgotten you?" Then things started to change. 1st my heart started to change, then followed by the thing itself. With a little faith, everything is restored again. In the end, I came out victorious.

I will not elaborate what frustrations I experience, but I think I learnt somethinhg yesterday. Grace from God allows us to change our circumstances. Change starts from the heart, and a little faith goes a long way.

Oh ya, And dun expect God to give you too much of a good thing. He will give just enough.


Spend the whole day at NTU again today. Today we did DISC with the SM2 students. Last week was MI (Multiply Intelligence) and we continued with DISC this week. For the uninitiated, DISC stands for each of the characteristic traits a person posses. D - Domineering, I - Influential, S - Steadiness, C - Competency. I will not go into detail of each characteristic, if you want to know can attend the workshop next time. Haha.

I just confirmed that I am a S (super high) followed by a C. My D is practically non-existent. Haha. Had a good time with my group as usual, learning about one another's DISC and just getting to know one another better.

After the event, which ends about 4pm, I went down to Jurong Point to meet Miss E for dinner. Haha, suppose to give her her birthday present which I owe her since a million years ago. Wahaha. We arranged to meet at 6pm but she arrived almost at 6.45. Quite frustrated by the time she arrived... but then again, I'm used to it liao.

In the end I din buy her anything for her birthday, but treated her Fish & Co instead. (Heehee, saved money!)


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