Sunday, February 19, 2006

Of Cars and Guitars

Gave my 1st guitar lesson to my SM2 today. Had a lot of fun lah, cos I like playing guitar. But the turn out is not what I expected... 6 girls and ZERO guys!!! Sigh... I dun think I can really handle 06 x 18 year old girls by myself. Anybody volunteer to help? I think I need a lady helper. Ha! I had one initially, but she backed out in the last minute.

I supposed to have 2 guys students as well, but 1 backed out to concentrate on basketball, and the other forgot about the class today!! Hopefully next week's lesson will be better! Heehee, cannot wait liao. Guitar playing is so much more fun when you play together with other people. Best if there are other instruments, like drums and piano, but playing with other guitars is just as fun.


Was at Funan Centre yesterday, where one of my students wanted to buy her guitar. Carpark was full and there is scarcely a empty lot in sight. Finally, I saw this car that was moving out of its space. So I turned on my hazard light and waited by the side. Then suddenly, this black Mazda 3 just cut in and take up the slot. Argh! Then the driver came out with this look as if he own the world and he can do what he want.


I took a picture of the accursed car.



I met Her today. After so long... She said "hi".. I said "hi" back..


Blogger Jayaxe said...

Have you quitted army and started teaching guitar?

Anyway, now that you took the picture of the car, it will be suay and kenna scratched and dented at least.

9:54 pm  

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