Saturday, February 18, 2006

On forgiveness

I dun really like to update my blog only once a week. But time and space does not allow me for more frequent entries.

A quick weekly update...
Basically, my company supported a Full Troop Exercise for a Battalion where we played enemy to them. Had a lot of fun and even managed to "win" them, even though we had only 20 people to fight one Company (about 100 ppl). Heehee. I think my guys are hysterical when we won! Haha.

Exercise finished on Thursday 0000 hrs and I dun get to sleep until 4am. But over all was fun. Had the rest of the week doing nothing but rest and recuperation, and played some games.

This week is also Sanctification Week for church, where we come together and pray and set ourselves apart for God for this year. I had to miss the 1st few sessions cos I was away at Lim Chu Kang.

Just want to take note of yesterday's session, where Pastor talked about communion and forgiveness. I know that message was for me because even before I went into church I met the people I need to forgive. That is why I was so quiet the whole time during church last night.

Forgiveness is not easy. Especially when the hurt is deep, and the other party did not show remorse or regret. But it had to be done. Because bearing the grudge only imprison my soul and spirit, while the other party goes on partying. Hated is a burden to heavy for the human shoulders to bear, and the heart of stone brings judgment only to the self. Anger and malice shrivel the soul who bears them unceasingly. Forgiveness is the only key to set the spirit free.

But most importantly, God forgave our sins, and Jesus died for us while we were still His enemies.

So I did. I forgave.


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