Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Who'd hear the echos of stories never told?

Echoes. They are the result of the reflection of sound. Sound comes out from a source, travels in a straight line, hits a hard surface and is reflected back to its source.

That is an echo. For there to be an echo, there must 1st be a sound.

Men need stories. Stories are food for the soul. Literature, whatever its form, is nourishment to the spirit. Read a good story and your soul will be edified. A bad story, like junk food, only serves to corrupt and destroy.

The greatest story has been told - The greatest King, the Ultimate Betrayal, the most Handsome Prince and His sacrifice, the return of His most beautiful Bride and the destruction of Deceiver. There is no love story that equals its intensity. If you have not read the story, go and get the book.

The story has been told countless times, repeated tirelessly. And it's prose echoes endlessly throughout the Universe. Those who have ears let him hear! Look around you. The echoes are everywhere. It's in the flowers and the rainbows, the bright blue skies and starry nights. You just have to open your ears and hear. Maybe it’s a bit harder now, with automobiles and jet planes dominating the sonic atmosphere. But the echoes are still there. You just have to open your ears and hear. I assure you, it is worth the effort.

If you think Lord of the Rings was great, go read the real story. If you think Narnia sounded so real, go real the real story. If you think Star Wars was great, go read the real story. Yes, Star Wars is also one of its echoes.

The greatest story has been told, but it has not concluded. If you will open up your heart, you can be part of the story as well. Be part of the story; be on the side of the King. For although the story has not concluded, its ending is cast in stone. And it will be a happy ending.

Have you heard the echoes? If so, I invite you to hear the real story...


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Wow...clever. Really impressed by ur words. :)

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