Saturday, January 14, 2006

Goal sighting in clear Chinglish

The sun is out! In fact, the sun is out the very next day I blogged the previous post. Wahaha. It like God bring out the sunshine the next day after I said looking forward to the sunshine after the rain.

Met my SM2 again today. This time, we went to Labardor Park to have some fun. The objective of this session is actually to help them set some goals for this year so that they will have a focus and they can have more clarity of what they wanted.

They set goals like "learning 10 English words a day" or "read the English newspaper (New York Times) everyday" and stuff like that. Can see that they are much more concern about their studies than anything else. Also, a few of them set other goals like "to exercise at least 2 times a week" for the guys and "to lose weight and stay slim" for the girls. Wahaha.

The goals I set with them there is not much different from the ones I wrote in the blog a couple of entries back. And we are suppose to hold each other accountable for the goals that we had set, so that we can be sure everybody is committed to what they have written down.

Today, I learnt that actually, it is very difficult to facilitate in Chinese!! Wahaha. I always thought that my Cheena is quite powerful but today I have to think again. Facilitate halfway then cannot make it, have to talk in English. Then get one of the seniors to help me translate. Wahaha. Really CMI.


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