Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The good Lord provide car parks too.

Slept at 0430hrs last night this morning. And wake up at 0800hrs today.

My biological clock is like that. No matter how early or how late I sleep, I will wake up by 8.00am the next day. That is why I'm so tired now. Anyway, the reason I slept so "early" yesterday is that my cell group decided to play Risk again.


I dunno why they like to play Risk so much. Personally, I'm ok with the game, but not really crazy about it. I think the fun part is the people, where you can see them go crazy after they were overcome by the lack of sleep and they start to do crazy things.


I won my very first Risk game last night, which is good, I suppose. But its because I got all the easy missions. Oh, for those who are not aquainted with Risk, its a game whereby the players have to conquer their opponents countrys and complete missions to win the game.

Yesterday, we decided that to "do a Daniel" means: to think very hard and waste a lot of time planning the next move.

Ya, one thing I forgot to blog the last time. When I was meeting Jade for Sushi, we decide to go to the Sakae at Bugis. The car park was full beyond full. And I thought, maybe I can pray to God that He will give me a parking space. But then the next thought that comes to my mind is that: Its so bad, like treating God like a vending machine like that.

But Lo and Behold, a parking lot just appear if front of me, and its directly in front of the entrance to the shopping mall.

So maybe God does provide parking spaces after all.


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