Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What have I done!!?!?!?!?!!!???

I have been taking leave since 2 Fridays ago, so what have I done so far?

Hmm... I spend most of my time doing nothing, I guess. Wahaha. There was a SM2 sentosa outing on 17th Dec, that was 2 Saturdays ago. Quite an interesting bunch of guys. Then there was this Christmas party for them last Saturday. That was quite interesting as well. These are a cute bunch of kids, which is like 18-19 years old and waiting to go into our NUS and NTU. But I think I really need a lot of help from God to reach out to them.

2 Sundays ago, 18th Dec, our cell had a Christmas party, where each of us have to come in different costumes from the movies. Wahaha. That was a lot of fun! Wee Lyn (thanks for organising!!!) dressed up as one of Charlie's Angels, Sophia Yap was from the movie Chicago. Sophia Tan, who is also the host of the party, was Sassy Girl. Liting was Little Red Riding Hood (Is the a movie on Little Red Riding Hood) Cherie Ho came as Little Miss Santa Claus, or something.. I dunno what issit but she looks like the little lady Santa in the beer commercial, if you know what I'm talking about. Theresa came as Princess Jasmine of Aladdin, Jerry came as The Vampire. Kenneth (my cell leader) was Robin Hood while his fiance, Lynette was Miss Congeniality. Sing Ai was Dash from The Incredibles. Who else did I miss? Oh ya, I came a Rambo (very easy, just wear my army uniform can liao) But the best costume goes to Sarah, who came as the Land Lady aka Xiao Long Nu from Kung Fu Hustle. No pictures though, my camera was still recuperating from Lijiang that time.

What else did I do? Er... I played a bit of mahjong, quite a bit. Cos that's what most of my colleagues do when they are not working. Money was not really the issue here, just play for the fun lah. Wahaha.

I caught a few movies. Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong, Perhaps Love, Lilya Forever. All were good movies in their own way. I wished there were more movies to watch though. Wahaha. After all these there's not much movies to watch liao.

I met up with Ayjen, and settled some financial stuff. I never really understood what she said though, even after 3 years with her handling my finances. Whatever she says I just nod my head. All I know is 1) My money is growing and 2) She is really pretty.

Other than those, I stayed at home quite a lot. I like spending time at home actually. That's where I read and blog, and play guitars all day long. I like to play guitar all day long, though I really suck at it. Wahaha.


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