Monday, December 26, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia was great!!!

Very much true to the original story except for minor details here and there. Me got 23 other people to watch with me this time. Very long never organise movie for so many people liao.

Those present include (in no particular order) :
Me!!! (Always must count myself, or else will forget to buy my own ticket)
Kelly (thanks for bring my sister there)
My sister!!! (not the 1st time I brought her out for movie, but the 1st she sat throguh without complaining)
Theresa (she left half way cos she was not feeling well. Poor girl)
Wee Lyn (thanks for help me drive the people there)
Sophia Tan
Sophia Yap
Sherry Tay
Cherie Ho
Jen Lee and colleague
Daniel and Elizabeth
Sarah (thanks for driving too)

Yeah!! We went in a little late though, Thank God we did not miss any of the movie. Just the trailers and commercials. Had a real enjoyable time, except when Theresa left cos she was not feeling well. No spoilers for those who haven't watch. All I have to say is: If you are a fan of the series, go watch the movie!!!


Blogger sherr said...

hi.. thanks for organising!! show was really grest.. had been a long time since i sat dwn with so many frens to watch a movie! thank u!! :D nxt time organise more.. hee hee.. thankie thankie.. oki la.. i'm falling sick too.. gg to zzz.. thanks.. nite!!!

12:57 am  
Anonymous kEliN said...

hey, think ur sis never complain cos she's not sitting wif u!! keke.. =P

anyway, thanks for organizing!

2:49 pm  

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