Friday, December 23, 2005

Blog about nothing

I did nothing yesterday. So I'm blogging about it now.

Morning I woke up and did nothing. Still felt weak and a bit sick. At or about 10am, I went to take a nap... until 11plus when I woke up and had my lunch.

Then I did nothing again. Life is very difficult when you keep doing nothing.

Cannot take it. Went for another nap at 2pm, after doing nothing for 2 hours... Life is tough, when you have to do nothing all day long. Slept for about half an hour this time.

Woke up about 3pm. Decide that its time. So I changed my clothes and went out. I detest going to Orchard during the Christmas period. Because people mountain people sea, very hard to move around, and very hard to find parking space also.

But I got no choice, I'm going to buy my Chronicles of Narnia tickets today, or else it will be sold out very soon. I headed straight to Plaza Sing where I bought 24 tickets for 26th Dec, 7pm show. Wahaha. After that happy liao.

Very excited about Narnia. I've read the whole series twice. Can't wait to see the movie.

After that I went over to my SM2's place to visit them. Heehee. Cute bunch of kids.. They even treat me to dinner... Wahaha. Had fun talking to some of them.

At night I went home... to do nothing again.... Life is so tough.....


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