Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Little Spark...

This was a busy weekend for me. I guess it started on friday night. After 1 full day of Ops duty, and playing chauffuer in the evening, I reached home after midnight and slept close to 1am.

Saturday I woke up late for the Service-Learning (S-L) training conducted by our church. Had a interesting session until 4pm, when I rushed to The Bible House, where my friend's son, Pastor Aloysious Tan, started a church and they are having their VERY FIRST worship service there. The name of the church is Harvest Field Assembly. Obviously their focus is on the Harvest and the Harvesters.

May God bless them and their number increase greatly. The service ended at 6pm when I had to fly back to camp cos my duty starts again at 8pm.

Duty was suppose to end by Sunday 8am. But instead it ended late and by the time I reached the arena for the S-L training again, I was late by 1 hour. Sunday was Day 2 of S-L training and it lasted until close to 5pm.

What I want to note down today is: Ps Seng Lee pray for me today. And he released a special word for me: "Even in the mist of great darkness, a little spark will give great light." I think I must record it down cos its something special, even though I do not fully understand the meaning of the word yet. Anybody can help me decipher this?

After S-L training, I am totally worn out. Went Toa Payoh Popular to buy some stuff for my Lijiang trip before heading home to type my blog and knock out.


Blogger Phyllis said...

I guess wat it means, no matter what situation in your life, there is always a light there (has a solution)...

Cool! I like it too

2:11 am  
Anonymous kEliN said...

hey.. wat i think is, no matter wat the circumstances u r in, u r the little spark that will shine n bring great light to those around! =)

8:57 am  

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