Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving (Lijiang trip) 1

This just in: I’m going for the Lijiang trip next week!


Have been praying very hard for this trip for a while now. Cos for a long time, my leave application for the trip has not been approved… until yesterday that is. Want to thank God (and my boss) for allowing me to take leave next Saturday. Initially, I was very unsure of my availability for this trip but I still went ahead and buy the air ticket and stuff although my leave had not been approved, and was unlikely to be approved.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. I managed to get my leave approved and go for the trip. BTW, this trip to Lijiang is called a ‘community service trip’ where we would be going there to teach the kids English. Haha. As if my English very good like that.

Now got a lot of things to buy in preparation for the trip, like all the winter clothing and stuff.

Had been severely busy for the past two days, alternating between work and church stuff. Rather tired…. And stoned.. hope to get some sleep… soon…


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