Saturday, November 19, 2005

I think I'm in love...

Note: Due to some constraints, I just blog the contents now. Will add in the links and stuff later. <-- Doned

Hey Hey! This has been an eventful week.

Went for my friend Jade's exibition on Monday. She is currently pursuing her ambition as a designer in the LAsalle School of Arts. And she did some project which was selected for an exibition organised by the people at LAsalle. Monday was its opening ceremony and so we were there to give her our utmost support. I shan't comment on her project cos I do not have the training to appreciate its artistic and esthetic quality and value.

Wanted to post the picture we took there but I decided that my un-gelled hair is too ugly for public viewing. Wahaha.

Not much happenings for Tues and Wed. But a lot of happenings on Thursday.

Thursday morning was the 1st match of my basketball competiton. (if you remember, I was suppose to be in charge of my unit's basketball team) Our 1st match was against the strong team, who gave us a thrashing like there's no tomorrow. The score is like... 80++ to... er... not zero.

It was a traumatising game, to say the least. I know we were bad... but not THAT bad!!!

Ok, now I know... We were THAT bad...

Oh well, at least our second game on Friday was not bad. We were leading all the way, until the last quater, where we lost by 4 points. What a pity! Oh well, after thursday's outcome, we were not expecting to win anyway. So overall, on friday, we had a good game.

Anyway, back to Thursday. Had dinner with HS at Suntec. The last time I saw her was in September, the week of her birthday. And she was wearing the same shirt and jacket the last time! Talk about coincidence. Or she never change her clothes for 3 months? Haha. Anyway, I had a good time catching up with her.

Thursday was also the day my guys came back from Australia!! Went to welcome them back from the airport after the dinner with HS. Haha. Was so happy to see them. I'm sure they are happy to be back in Singapore too.

Got half day off on friday and I went to watch Dragon Squad with Jade. The movie not bad so I was quite surprised, that there are only about 10 people in the entire cinema. Maybe because most of the other people were still working, as it was a weekday afternoon. The pretty babe of the movie, I found out later, was Eva Huang Sheng Yi . 黃聖依(click here to see her pics)


She's so pretty!! IMHO, like Athena Chu Yan but with a sharper face. [drool drool~] If you are not familiar with her, its ok, cos she's new. The only other movie she acted in (which is a small 'vase' role) is Kung Fu Hustle, where she played Stephen Chow's mute love interest.

Now all I have to do is to find a girl that looks exactly like her and get her to be my girlfriend. YEAH!


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