Saturday, November 12, 2005

Just me...

Sometimes I just want to have a record of the week that just past by... But then I have to think hard for a blog title.....

If you never see me blog from Monday to Friday, you'd know that I had a busy week.

Actually not really lah, still can find time to play mahjong with my colleagues... Wahaha. But in the end still lack of sleep.

Pretty uneventful this week. This week's focus on work was Safety Audit check. As you all know, the SAF has been focusing much of their energy on the safety aspect of training since the sad incident in Commandos a few years back.

Btw, talking about Combat Survival Training, it might be coming back to the SAF, probably without the water treatment and drowning part. Haha. I went for an interview yesterday. And if everything goes well, I might be in charge of drowning training people on combat survival next year.

Oh ya, Also need to record... That I failed my Airborne selection again... Missed the running... by 2 seconds.... GEEZ!


A very haphazard blog... sentence structure and flow of thoughts all haywire... that's because I need to go out soon...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FUCK YOU CHAO CHEE BYE NA BEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:51 pm  

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