Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good week?

Hey hey. Long time never blog liao. Haha. Been real busy leh. After the comp conk up on me on tuesday, I have to spent the rest of the week rushing for my presentation on Saturday, which was yesterday.

The LTC I was suppose to present to was well known for been hard to please, who will not hesitate to screw a CPT left right centre upside down if he does not meet his high standards. But thank God everything went smoothly. And we were able to go through the session without much problems.

Thank God that was over.

Next problem is my basketball. Was suppose to form this team for the unit to play with the rest of the army. And when I finally formed this team, I realised that our jersey was lost and we cannot play without our jersey!! [dress code issue]. Sigh... Now have to hunt for jersy shops. Or shops that sell basketball jerseys. Or shops that have basketball jerseys to sell....................

That was my week. Tuesday on duty, Wednesday stayed back to work for a while, Thursday went back to work for half a day and Friday worked until 11pm....

Work work work!! Work work work!! Work work work!!

Next week should be better, since my boss had come back from Australia, he can help share a bit of my work... Wahaha.

Of course I took some time to do my own stuff also.

Watched Skyhigh on Thursday. Rushed down from office after work. I think it was a good show. We can always trust Disney to come up with good clean wholesome family movies with proper values and good morals. (I mean it!) Haha.

After that I went for cell group. This is the 1st time I went for this cell as a cell group. Well, long story, but I'm not with my previous cell anymore.

Saturday, I went for my 2nd Bike lesson. 2nd only leh!!! I think the 1st one was like 3 months ago. I realised that I had forgotten how to control the bike properly, and have to repeat Lesson 2 again. Sianz!!! Anyway, it's because the bike is hard to control as the trottle was very loose leh!! [yeah, that's it! Blame it on the bike!]

One last thing. Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. I took my family out for dinner. I thank God for the opportunity. That I can do something for my parents on their birthday. (Mum's was 2 weeks later but we sort of celebrate together... cheaper mah)

That's my week. Busy & eventful. Today is Sabbath, rest day. Maybe later go town and catch another movie, and visit the Apple@Orchard to see the latest Ipod Video and explore the possibility of trading in my Ipod photo.


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