Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The. Day. Is. Slow.

The days now are much much slower now that there is nothing much to do. A lot harder to get by too... Cos its so boring.

Like today, I have to attend this boring meeting on behalf of my CSM. 2 hours plus there also dunno what they talking about. So I play with my handphone until the battery went dead. Wahaha.

So So Slow... Until I think I can fall asleep while walking...

I need to spend more time doing more constructing and useful things.


Sometimes its hard to be a good person, to do something good for people. Sometimes you do it so often and so much that they forgot it is a delibrate act, with sacrifices to make and prices to pay. It becomes so commonplace that sometimes people take it for granted, and think that it is "normal" for you to do something for the good of others at your own expense.

That's very true of human nature isn't it?

But sometimes people do remember. To a friend: Thanks for remembering.


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