Sunday, October 23, 2005

Numa Numa Flightplan

Me had a lot of plans today. Heehee. It's amazing I'm still functioning now. Cos, as I said in the previous post, I only slept for 3 hours yesterday.

Ready to concuss anytime.

I realised I left my pouch at my friend's place after playing Risk last night. Got more than $3000 worth of cash and prizes inside. Thank God he is an honest to goodness Christian and he did not even open to see what is inside. =)

I got so many things to do today and I was late for everything. And I think partly due to the lack of sleep. I was late to meet my friend to collect my pouch. I was late for a church meeting and I was late for the movie flightplan.

Miss E said that now I cannot scold her for being late for movies. =(

Flightplan was not bad. Better than expectation lah.. Or maybe my expectation for this movie is very low so its easy to meet. Haha. Prior to the show I read some bad reviews about the movie so I not expecting very much from it. Even thought that I would fall asleep during the show. Haha. But compared to the Election I watched on Friday, I think the Election was much better.

Being playing the Numa Numa song ever since I got it yesterday. (Its the song in the funny video and Chicken Little video I linked in my post yesterday) Wahaha. That's me. I always over-do the things that I like. Like for example take this song - I should be numa numa-ing for the next 3 days non-stop. Then after that I would be sick of it.

Anybody wants to watch Chicken Little with me? Then we can numa numa together after that.



Anonymous aMuse said...

... Dude ... the last bit sounds like a proposition ...

... you purposely wan right? :P

9:12 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Eh... Huh? Dun understand... Proposition for what? You wanna numa numa with me?

9:20 pm  

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