Saturday, October 22, 2005

Friday Friday

I blog about last night. Last night was fun. Jade was suppose to get the result of her work yesterday. Either Pass, Fail or Re-submit.

Well, she did not get Re-submit. But then she did not get Pass or Fail either. Turns out that only those who have to re-submit their work got to know their results yesterday. Those who either pass or fail will only know in Decemder. Ha.

Oh well, gotta continue to pray for her then.

After that we went to celebrate. Haha. To reward her for her 2 weeks or hard work and sleepless nights. Heehee.

First, we went to Mache for dinner. Very long never go Mache liao leh. Ate a lot. Got Steak, Calamari, Sashimi (that's her favourite), Rosti with Cheese sausage (thats my favourite, in Mache) and Root Beer. Writing about it makes me hungry again...

Very expensive leh... Wahaha. But she never complain... Only I complain... Haha.

Highlight of the evening was watching Election at Tiong Bahru Plaza's Golden Village Cinema. I only watch at GV because I can get tickets for $8.00 at weekends, where everybody is suppose to pay $9.50.

Has anybody seen the Chicken Little Trailer? (I dunno if the other cinemas are showing the same trailer cos, as I said, I only watch movies in GV cinemas.) Its the trailer with the Numa Numa Song. IT IS SO CUTE!!! Haha. Cannot take it.

BTW, I just managed to find the link here.

Go see and tell me cute or not. Haha.

Found another funny video while looking for that clip. Seems like its quite big in Europe or something. Haha. Remember to on your speaker to full blast before you start the video. Now you know there's a lot of bo liao people in this world.

Anyways, I was saying, I went to watch the Election. It some Hong Kong triad movie with Louis Khoo and Simon Yam. Great movie I think. And I suspect it will be better than Flightplan. (But I will comment on that again tomorrow after I have watched Flightplan.)

It was about some HK triad electing their new Chairman and how the people fought to get the Dragon Baton, which is the symbol of authority of the Chairman in the triad. Really nice movie. Unless you have an unexplained intense hatred for HK triad movies, or any HK movies for that matter, its really a good watch.

Oh ya... for those reading my blog for the 1st time or 1st few times, Jade is not my girlfriend hor... Heehee


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The guy in the video then bo liao, but very entertaining...hee

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