Monday, October 03, 2005

My interview

Its getting late so I'll just write a short one.

Was interviewed today by 2 NTU students. Heehee. They say they want to interview me cos I am a reader of Finicky Feline. Haha. Imagine that: Being interview for reading other people's blog.

Anyway, I met them at NTU at 7pm today. They were actually one cute looking guy and one cute looking girl. Quite friendly. They asked me questions like "Why you read FF's blog?", "What you like bout her blog?"... etc.

The whole thing lasted for about one hour...

Haha. Quite fun. To be interviewed...

Anyway, I need to sleep... Tired... And my sprain still painful. Never go and see doctor yet...


Blogger Jayaxe said...

Hey, how come the same thing happen to us? I was asked to go for this interview too! Got one guy and a girl who did the interview right?

11:20 pm  

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