Monday, September 19, 2005

Fey's Big Ben's Place

Went for this course called "Coaching for High Performance and Development" today. Its a three day course starting today and ends on Wed. Basically, its a course where people go and learn to develop coaching skills. Heehee.

I like... Cos I like people development... Helping them learn and grow and stuff like that...

Then in the evening I went to look for an old army buddy up. Fey Foo (a.k.a Faithful) was an old army buddy + mahjong khaki who left the force earlier this year. And now he is his own boss! Haha! He is now selling British pies at a booth at Parkway Parade Giant.


Why issit called Big Ben's Place? I have no idea. But there are really good pies there. I tried the Chicken Mushroom Pie first. Cos that's the one he recommended. I suppose that's his favourite too. Not bad I must say. But I think the Beef n' Cheese is the best pie I've ever tasted. Haha. Like a double cheese burger, but in a pie... and no pickles.

In addition, he got other pies like Steak n' Guiness, Chicken n' Vegetables, and also sweet pies like apple pie, strawberry pie and blueberry pie.

Really worth trying. But the place is a bit hard to find though. It's at the extreme left side once you get into Giant. Tell him you are his good friend CPT Chew intro wan... maybe he will give you a discount...

Or maybe he will ask from you the $50 I owe him... Wahaha.

No lah... I dun owe him money. And I'm sure he will offer you his best pies in the house.



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