Friday, September 02, 2005

R & R for life

I have been really busy for the past few weeks.

I apologise for the lack of posts.

Work has taken so much of my time that blogging has become the side stage. Many a days have gone without me recording my thoughts, actions and musings of the day.

Actually, this past week I have not much of a thought other than work work work and work.

And minus the stuff that is not family friendy, I end up with practically nothing to blog about.

My week is something like this: Monday- work, Tuesday- work, Wednesday- work, Thursday- work, Friday- work.

I need to take more time to appreciate the more important things in life. Like my family.

In fact, I have been so caught in work and so away from home that my mother sms-ed me:

"How are you? Are you very busy? Actually we are always concern of you."

I think this is the 1st time she ever said something like that to me.

I love you, mommy.

I wished I had blogged more. Surely there is more things in my life worthy of archive each day. Otherwise, I would just be living my life going through each day without doing anything meaningful. I would just be going through the motion day in and day out.

What is my goal? What is my world view and values system? What is my motivation and fear? What are my priorities in life? What is important to me and what do I want to acheive?

Time for some reflection and re-evaluation.


Blogger Gabrielle said...

wah! my mom doesn't know how to use the sms function.

But her way of concern is making herbal teas and soups for me.

Work is impt but yeah, do take time off for family

1:19 am  

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