Sunday, August 14, 2005

Freaking Fruitless Weekend

Terrible Terrible Weekend this week.

Did so many things and yet I felt I have acomplished none.

I think I would have done better if I had just stayed in bed for 48 hours instead. My motorbike lesson was a waste of time. The instructors taught too slow and I was scolded for knowing too much. But its not like I showed off or anything. In the end have to go back for lesson one again. Waste my freaking time and money.

Was hoping to give the 7 Swords movie and fire works a miss and get some sleep instead. But then still went to watch the movie in the end. The movie was not bad, but still... no time to catch up with sleep.

Totally gave the fire works a miss. Cannot take it liao.

Never studied for my tests either.

Sorry I need to totally let go my frustration here. I get super touchy when I do not have enough sleep.

Booking in soon... Final week. Can't wait for it to finish.

God, please help me through this last 5 days.

Oh ya, before I go, my friends who have my password, please help me keep this blog alive for this week again. I am going to have an intensive week and wun be back until next friday.



Blogger vandice said...

wahahaha. Fail lesson one ah? Steady lah... Wu license boh?

Ok... This week I post here again...

11:53 pm  
Anonymous stranger said...

pls see if you can help thanks!

5:04 pm  

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