Thursday, August 04, 2005

Vandice on Guojun

I have been preparing a draft of this for the 友情史 but I guess it is appropriate to post an excerpt up here first.

Uncle VanVan here shall dispel the myth once and for all that the GJ guy here keeps exclusively female company, as evidenced by all the nice soppy stuff pretty-ppl-who-wear skirts have been posting in his absence. Knowing guys, its difficult to articulate our feelings for a fella bro. But good things must share rite?

I've known da man for what, 10 years already? From VJ days, to being in the same church/ministry, to being fellow bloggers. In fact, he was one of the reasons why I joined the blogging scene. Reading his blog kept me in touch with his life in Singapore, and helped me understand the 'silent man' in real life. I never knew he had such a good command of English, for example. Or the fact that his inner circle were mostly babes, and gorgeous too.

If you know da man personally, the first thing that strikes you is his brevity. "Yes, no, OK lor" are all you're likely to get outta him, and that can be frustrating. It's therefore a pleasant shock to see him commit verbal diarrhea in this rather public medium, baring his soul for all asunder. GJ, it has been a pleasure dwelling into your inner world, your private struggles and intimate thoughts. It takes courage to blog so personally, and blog well you do.

If you ask me about da man, one thing that strikes me is his lack of guile. I'm sure all his friends will agree that he is a really sweet and easygoing guy who's one of the most sincere people around. Around him, we can let our guard (and hair) down and be ourselves, safe in the knowledge that he will neither judge nor condemn. No hidden agendas, no shades of meaning. A movie invite's a movie invite. Just the pleasure of company. WYSIWYG.

I remember those regular SMSes (in the hundreds) he sends out to a multitude of people, and the (tens of) tickets he'll willingly purchase for those going. Such great lengths (and costs), in the name of public service. So other-people centered, where to find?

And not just the babes. One example is brother N, whom he has stood by regardless of the different paths each traverse. I'm touched by his persistence and faithfulness. Those who are fellow believers will know how hectic school, church and cell can get. And yet da man finds time for brother N. I saw them together during service when I was back, and I am convinced brother N still goes to church primarily because of one man's dogged concern for him.

GJ, you're appreciated by many, though they may not say it. You've been a blessing, though you may not think it. On behalf of the rest, thank you for being you.

May He prosper you.

You're da man.


Anonymous M said...

Hi! I was from VJ too! Which year were you guys in?

9:51 am  
Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

Ha I totally agree that he's a man of little speech. But faithful he is.

10:27 am  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

vandice, u from FCBC too?

2:23 pm  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

vandice, u from FCBC too?

2:23 pm  
Blogger vandice said...

Yes mdm...

1:30 am  

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