Friday, July 29, 2005

ningx is listening to Wang Lee Hom while blogging on GJ's blog

Aiyah, Guo Jun asked me to help him blog. So honoured, he trusts me with his password leh!
See, even the title also so long.

Well, I've never met GJ personally before. Think he's a pretty nice person because the first time I talked to him(on MSN), he offered math tuition for me because I said I was bad at Math! So nice of him, isn't it? And I see him going around giving others rides and treats. Very nice indeed.

Since he is such a nice guy, and guys like that are easy to bully, I wonder what he's like in the army.
"FALL IN!!!!!" And then all the recruits would rush to the parade square and fall in within 8 seconds.
"FALL IN!!" And all the recruits sashay to the parade square while saying, "Aiyah, sir, today weather so hot. Fall what in huh?"
Of course he's the one who says FALL IN lah. He can't be the recruit mah.

I know you go to Tampines Mall sometimes to watch movies! I live in Tampines, haha.


I still owe you your birthday present. You must be thinking how unsincere I am because I'm taking so long! So many apologies for you, heh. I promise I will finish it soon, okay?

How did I get to know GJ?
Through Finicky Feline. I don't know FF and she doesn't know nuts about me but I went clicking on her blog and clicked on one of her friend's blog - Maximus (cannot say his real name, hor. But like whole world know liao leh.) So I talked to Maximus and then after a while I read GJ's blog. And then GJ reads my blog. After that Maximus gave me his email address. So I added him to my buddy list. So we talked a little with lots of hahaha here and there. Oh, lots, lots of Singlish. I use a lot of Singlish in MSN one leh.

Really elaborates the phrase 'six degrees of seperation' huh? Or was that just a really bad example?

Anyway I am quite glad that both Maximus and GJ were not turned off by my age lah. Some people will just go, "So young, generation gap ah. Dowan talk to her." Hahahaha.

That is all I have to say.
Thanks for letting me come to your blog to 撒野/捣乱! (something like, wreck havoc?)

But I think I never wreck havoc hor?
Right right right?

Yes lah, say yes.



Anonymous shadowandy said...

I also cant imagine him shouting "FALL IN", even though I am in the same company as him. Yeah, he's one of the sir in my company. And yet I never got fall in by him before. He is a nice sir in army like he is outside. Had never seen him throwing his temper or weights around cos of his rank.

Sir, swimming session at bedok again ai mai? With me and sir keng boon. loL. See xiao mei mei without ur specs again. :X

10:12 pm  
Blogger vandice said...

Warraoz... Ningx too? This is unbelievable... GJ you're the champ!

10:42 pm  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

wah.. now title should be changed to "chronicles of GJ AND FRIENDS"

10:54 pm  
Anonymous William Ng said...

Chew Sir never has to yell at people to fall in. He has the BOS aka Brigade Orderly Sergeant to do it all for him.

The nasty job of disciplining the soldiers are done by specialists (or otherwise known as sergeants) mostly. He plays the nice guy card.

His job is more to strategising, thinking and organising side, not executing the plan. Officers are to lead and we, the Specialists, execute his orders according to his plans.

There is one saying that goes like this :

'One who seems mild tempered can be even worse than one who is always bad tempered.'

I cant imagine if we piss Chew Sir off, and how many extra duties we have to sign.

12:18 am  
Anonymous shadowandy said...

william, if we ever pissed him off, we can kiss our ORD good bye. Hahaha. With his rank dunno how many extras he can recommend us. But then, I would say, none of us snipers have the capability to make him mad. loL

11:48 am  
Blogger シャロン said...

is he really that big a shot in army? haha.. if that's the case i better tell him not to quit la. stay on and enjoy the authority he cant enjoy in the world out there!

12:01 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Ningx> That was a very kind post. Thank you very much.

And yes, you never wreck havoc lah.... Wahaha

Andy> Actually now everyday I shout "fall in" during my course. Shout until I sore throat. Wahaha

Vandice> I very power leh....

Gab> Haha.. Very funny.

William> Dun say until like tt lah.... Like I'm some psycho like that. Haha.

Miss Slow> Haha. Not really big lah... Just big enough to bully some kids doing NS. Haha.

11:42 pm  

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