Wednesday, July 27, 2005

ABOUT Guojun

was thinking about what to write in Guojun's blog so that when he returns over the weekend he would get a pleasant surprise.

what better way than to blog about HIM???!?

well... the story goes like this...

I met GJ when I was a year 1 kid in VJC (i merely did my first 3 months there)... during that time, it was a tradition for direct seniors and juniors to exchange letters as secret pals. everyone received letters from a secret pal and everyone was a secret pal to someone else. strangely enough, GJ became my secret pal even tho he was not my direct senior...

as you can see, his letters always came in very colourful envelopes and Bob Dog stickers. honestly i never noticed the Bob Dog stickers until today when i dug out all the letters i had ever received from him! (GJ: were you a fan of BD?)

sad to say, my letters to him were never nicely written nor presented. i'm not a very detailed girl, as you can see. =)

i never knew who he was until the day i left VJ. prior to that, he always maintained "ppl tell me my looks are above average" stance. haha. ok la... in all true honesty, you are really not that bad looking la. i've seen worse. hee. kidding! =P

even after i left VJ, he continued to send me letters and gifts, sometimes dropping them into my mailbox. there was once he even made me a 3D castle!

2 years later, after he went to army, he ordered flowers and had them delivered to my doorstep on valentine's day even tho he was far far away training in Taiwan! i was touched. and at the same time, overwhelmed.

anyway if you have read his previous post on me, you would know how the story ended.

tho he was sweet... he also scared me with his persistency. =) so i never kept in contact with him... for a long long time. even when we were in the same church ministry in campus, i avoided him as much as i could (oh no! now you know! =().

however, there was a turning point in our friendship. i really cant remember how and why. after that, we became firm friends. we went to church together for a short period of time and met up once in a while to chat and catch up.

and i was once again touched by his sincerity towards his friends. he really knows how to treat them well and make them feel special!

on my birthday last year, he asked me what i wanted. i said "guitar bag"... (ok... i'm not a romantic person. hhaha. i rather have something practical and useful...)... a guitar bag he did give me... i remember wondering why the guitar bag was so heavy... wah lao... put the guitar in bu4 shi4 even heavier???? hee... so mean hor?

when i got home, i put it aside and went about my chores... later in the night, i returned to fit my beloved guitar into the case and was so surprised to see 20 over Archie Comic books stashed away inside the case!!!! =) i was really pleasantly surprised! he knew i was and still is a huge fan of Archie! =)))))

and that became my best birthday gift i have ever received in a lifetime. serious!

there... GJ, my pal... always so sweet... always so considerate... always putting in effort to maintain a friendship...

honestly, it's a blessing in disguise things did not work out between us.. coz things turned out even better for us in a different way!

GJ, when you finally read this, i just want to let you know you are greatly appreciated and loved. maybe i dont show it enough but i really do.

here's a sincere prayer... may God protect and bless your heart, that the one girl you are destined to meet will never break it but treasure it as her best and dearest gem.

Sharon Low


Blogger vandice said...


He so nice to you cos you wear skirt mah...

11:14 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Sharon> Most touching post. Thanks. Almost cried when I read it.

BTW, I totally forgot about the Bob Dog thing... Wahaha

Vandice> If you wore a skirt, I will be nice to you too!

8:42 pm  
Blogger Jaschocolate said...

Hey, i wear skirt one leh.. can i know u. can i can i :p

10:14 pm  

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