Monday, July 18, 2005

Back to Work

Today is my 1st day at work after my Bike Course!

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm really glad to be back to work again. Its nice to be back in the familiar environment, with familiar people (and of course my favourite parking space.) What's more, the air condition in my office is fixed. (Finally!!!)

The best part is the people in the company!! So nice to see everybody again. But I'm also missing the people who just started clearing leave for their ORD... Oh well, can only wish them all the best...

For the Love of God, I watched Initial D again today!! This is the 3rd time liao. Must say that I still enjoy most part of it. Anyway, this time round its free so its not as bad as you guys think.

I so want to watch the anime of the Initial D... and learn race car driving... and get my civilian bike licence...

I so want to do so many things...


Blogger Maximus said...

i should be watching initial D today. if i have the time. copied from a friend who downloaded.. heh.. i'm not into piracy but forced under such circumstances.

5:44 am  

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