Sunday, July 17, 2005

F4 is no longer Flower 4

Earlier this week, a friend of mine told me she was going to watch F4. I was like "Huh? I thought F4 died long ago?" To which she promptly enlighten me: "No lah! F4 stands for Fantastic 4!"

Today I watched F4 also. Was lured by the Straits Times' promotion. Cut a coupon from the Lifestyle section and you can buy tickets to the Fantastic 4 movie for $1.60 (selected screening only). So, armed with the coupons cut from Straits Times, me and my friend went to buy tickets for F4.

We arrived at Cathay Cineleisure at or about 1400 hours, only to find that all the tickets have been sold out!! The shows were supposed to be for 1600 and 1900 hours. I thought we would be early. Guess I thought wrong. Can you believe that they were sold out at 1400 hours? I bet they were already sold out by 1100 hours.

The thing is, one person is only entitled 1 ticket per coupon per person. That means all the people came at like 7 am and start queuing for the $1.60 tickets. Think Hello Kitty all over again.

So, me and my friend watched F4 at the full price. $9.50. Per ticket. Not bad, the show. At least never waste my money totally.


Blogger Gabrielle said...

its like that one.. sporeans $1.90 ticket also wanna queue early in the morning.

haha they a bit too much time on their hands man.

9:55 pm  
Blogger シャロン said...

maybe there were like 10 $1.60 tix per show that's why they were sold out so early?

8:49 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Gab> Ya lor... I read in the papers that all the tickets are snapped up by 11am everyday.

Slow> The whole theatre is for $1.60, for 2 or 3 screenings per day.

12:10 am  

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