Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bike Course, Day 3 (Counting from the back)

Third last day of bike course liao. After today, it will be 2 more days before I get my SAF Bike Licence. Haha. Then after that I will convert to Civilian Licence and get a cheap bike to move around.

Today we went for our off-road training at Lor Asrama. It was the most exciting part of the entire course. But it was also not easy. There was one point I fell off and the bike crashed on my leg. It was so painful that for a moment, I thought I was going to lose my leg.

But when the guys helped me up, I have to show the "cool face" because I am the Captain. Actually my leg hurting like hell liao. Haha. But I still show the cool face and say "I'm fine". Then I get on my bike and carry on with the training... I think my leg a bit swollen now... Ouch.

I am a firm believer that training must be tough, but can be fun as well... As we can see from all the happy faces in this picture (with me inside also)

BTW, These are the same guys that "laughed" at me when I fell into the Mud Pool.

After I took the picture, one of the private commented jokingly:

PTE Wang: Sir! You take the picture going to post in your blog ah? Haha..
CPT Guojun: Ya! How you know I got a blog?
PTE Wang *stunted*
CPT Guojun: Why? Captain cannot have blog ah?
PTE Wang: ... ...

Haha. But they din ask for my blog address though.. Maybe if they are lucky they can stumble on this blog by chance.


Blogger Jayaxe said...

You mean that the private joked about you having a blog, only to realize that you really have one? Interesting!

But I think you cannot convert straight to CV licence, if I'm not wrong. May have to go through some tests, I remember.

11:21 pm  
Blogger Dancingpris said...

What will happen to your "baby" if you buy a bike?

10:28 pm  
Blogger シャロン said...

hello. your leg better?

5:04 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Jayaxe> Yup. We have to go through some lessons and test. But should be easier already.

Pris> My car will still be my main transport lah. Bike is just for fun only.

Miss Slow> My leg is better. Thanks.

9:29 pm  

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