Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blog milestones

I've been Kenny Sia-ed!!

Not really, he just briefly mention my name in his blog about his trip to Singapore. (Read about it here.) Checked my counter - it din go up much... Maybe tomorrow? Haha. But then again, I dun have very interesting stuff to attract people to read my blog. So probably It will shoot up for a while then go back down again.

Got a email for a reader though. It was somebody who got the link through Kenny Sia's link. Heehee, 1st time got people email me after reading my blog. I will not disclose the contents of the email in respect of the writer, except that he wrote a personal and encouraging letter in the email. Thanks dude, I will try to find time to reply soon.

By the way, my counter just hit 10000!! Heehee. I know it is not an impressive number by the standards of many - the popular ones can get 10000 hits in a week - but still, its a milestone where my blog is concern. (Of course, dun forget that 30% of the hits are from my own computer.. Haha)

I would like to take this oppourtunity to thank all the people who have supported this blog in one way or another... (Eiyer! So mushy! Haha)


Blogger Handsel said...

he called u a poor bastard!!!

11:43 pm  
Blogger vandice said...

Ooh... steady... fan mail leh... Mebbe I should write 不了情 oso...

12:16 am  
Anonymous aMuse said...

... Am always bit afraid to see the blog counter on mine go up. Cos it means that the chances of someone I know from real life may be reading my deep dark secrets **shudder**

8:58 am  
Blogger Jayaxe said...

I'm not those mushy type, but I have been your blog supporter. Yong yuan zhi chi ni! Ji4 xu4 qu3 xiao4 FF. Hahaha.

7:27 pm  
Anonymous Guojun said...

Handsel> Haha. I know!! It's ok, I guess. It's like Fann Wong mentioning me on national TV and saying I'm a poor bastard. Something like that.

Vandice> Yaya, go write one...

Amuse> Haha. I got no problem with that.... My face is all over my blog!!!

Jayaxe> Thanks for your support. I try my best. =)

6:22 am  

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