Sunday, July 03, 2005

Wonderful Wonderful Weekend

Had a wonderful wonderful weekend this week.

We had our cell retreat this weekend, starting from friday evening until sunday morning. We had a great time of talking, singing, sharing, eating and sleeping together. Everybody shared why this cell group meant so much to each of us.

Come Saturday evening, we had our BBQ (what's a chalet without BBQ?) Everybody had a great time cooking and eating together.

The guy on the extreme right is Patrick. He is our Princess Cell Leader's boyfriend, (So he's the Prince Charming? Haha) followed by our Princess Cell Leader and our 2 beautiful guests.

And here's another lovely couple, Yihui and Munic, a.k.a Marcus.

And our unlovely non-couple, Guojun (that's me!) and Jiahui.


And the labour of our love, the BBQ Face Man! Wahaha.

Patrick did most of the cooking...

While Jiahui did most of the eating!!! Wahaha. Just kidding.

Here's one more look at the BBQ pit.

I usually "siam" the fire cos I dun like the heat. (Dun let the others know!) That's why I cannot be a professional cook, or a chicken rice hawker. Haha. Very tiring after the BBQ... slept shortly after... and drooled all over the matteress... Haha.

Went for Sunday service in the morning. This is our first service at the Singapore Expo Convention Centre. So many people there! Thank God I can find a parking space. (It would be easier if the girls did not spend like 2 hours each in the toilet and we were almost late. Haha)


In the afternoon, I went to meet up with Miss Slow (to collect my birthday present. Wahaha.) It's always a joy to go out with Miss Slow - talking to her always makes me feel happy.

I watched Initial D again!

This time its with Miss Slow. I think its a great movie - even though this is the second time I watched it, I still enjoyed it very much.

And here's an update on my birthday presents...

Miss Slow gave me a beautiful box...

Actually, no lah, she gave me a nice blue T-shirt.

Cell group gave me a cool looking wind-breaker. (They finally remember to bring it!!)

Here's a picture of me wearing them...

I think the T-shirt makes me look fat leh... Need to diet fast about this again.

There, that's much better... =)

Happy birthday to me again... Heehee
Added: Miss Slow also gave me a very sweet card. There's nothing like a card filled with heart felt words. Usually, the cards I receive are from my insurance agents reminding me that they know my birthdays... Haha. Haven't received such a heart warming card in a long time. Thanks again babe!


Anonymous miss slow said...

hey! how come you didnt mention the sweet sweet card i gave you?? =P

and no la... you dont look fat in my gift! =P

10:42 pm  
Blogger vandice said...

Smile lah! Duh. Look like a blockhead modeling ppl's presents for you...

11:10 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Miss Slow> Ya, sorry. I'll add that in. Its really a very sweet card.

Vandice> You are right. I should smile... But too tired liao lah...

8:35 pm  

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