Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Birthday so far...

Hee... I always enjoy my birthdays, cos its that time of the year when everybody reminds me how much they care about me. Sometimes its a bit hard going through this journey of life alone.

And I got very wonderful presents too. Like the Angel in a Box Jade gave to me last week. That was my first birthday present. I like small and cute stuff (like a girl like that) but Jade was not happy that I classified it as useless... (Sorry babe) Anyway, the small and cute angel is out of the box and on top of the dashboard of my car now...


My second present was by my favourite Feline. A 256Mb SD card for my Canon Digital Camera.


Yeah! Now I can take more pretty pictures of my pretty friends and post their blurred faces on my blog. Wahaha. We couldn't remember what I gave her for her birthday last year, therefore, I believed that I owe her 02 x birthday presents this year. Hmm....

Another lady - lets call her HS - gave me a packet of jelly. Hmm... Er... Eh... I dunno what to say... The packet of fruity jellies are suppose to symbolise fruitfulness in my life. Heehee. I had preferred a gift that would last longer, and not something that is gone once eaten, or otherwise. But all thanks to be God, and modern technology, I managed to immortalize it with this picture.
Update: I was told by Jade that the jelly was not cheap. Hmm....

My tenant, Melz, gave me Colonge for my birthday. Obviously she thinks that I smell very bad. Wahaha. Seriously, that is also one of my favourite present. Had been using it since the next day I got it. (Cos everytime need to meet my friends after training and I got no time to bath... Eww.. ) Personally, I thinks she smell very nice. And she is very cute too. Got chance I show the blurred picture of her face. Wahaha. Meanwhile, here's a CLEAR picture of the present she gave me.

Cell group celebrated for me on the actual day itself. No present from them though.. or maybe they haven't give me yet... I dunno... Wahaha. But got very nice cake. Its Cookies n' Cream from Angie's Choice. Really very nice cake. But I'm sorry to say that after a hard day's training, I was too tired to enjoy the celebration totally.
Update: Actually Cell Group got a present for me, but they forgot to bring... So I still dunno what is it...

Then comes my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE present this birthday. It was given to me by Miss E. Actually I hinted that I wanted that for my birthday. It was a Initial D ashtray! Complete with tyres somemore!! Wahaha. I know I dun smoke but I think it really really look very cool. I bet FF would want one of those after watching the Initial D movie. E told me it was the last piece in the shop when she got the thing. Heehee. I'm so lucky!! I must say a big Thank You to E here.


Thats all the presents I received so far. I haven't receice the bookmark Ningx did for me. Next week I'm meeting Miss Slow and Cindy so I'm expecting more presents on the way as well. *ahem*

Finally, special thanks to those to wish me happy birthday through sms... I dun want to lose the messages after I deleted them so I copied them onto the blog here, in chronological order, all in its original version:

Yihui: Hey happy birthday.! C ya later! Gee..
Su Jiahui: Blessed Bdae bro! See ya tomolo! May the LOrd be the one tat u wil always chase after...
Munic: Happy birthday... Enjoy man...
Barney: Happie b'day gj. God bless
Elayne: Happy 27 th birthday! wish all your dreams n wishes come true!
Shishan: Hi! Happy birthday! u.
Juni: Yo... Happy birthday...
Cindy: hey dude HAPPY BDAY!!!!
Rensheng: Yo! Happy Birthday!!! You must be on off today. Enjoy and have fun!!! u
Marlin: Hi! How r u? btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish u ol e best in these lifetime.b happy and healthy always.God Bless!
Brian (BRC): Happy Birthday sir!
Debbie: Happy birthday!
Liyong: Yoz!! May u hav a Happy n Joyous Bday!! Gd luck 4 ur future endeavours!!
Stephen Au: Happy birthday! May your wishes and dreams all come true. Hope i am not too late too... Many years of good returns! Cheers!
Caryn: Opps, happy belated birthday! Sorry that i forgot it yesterday. Cheers, it's weekend again soon!
Serena: Happy birthday! Make everyday your birthday and be happy!
Junsong: Forgot to wish you a happy birthday! So... ... Happy birthday!
CPT Alex: Hey Brother, Happy birthday hor. A bit late but still can lah hor. :p
Added: And I forgot to thank Miss Ada for sending me a E-birthday card. Thanks babe. Sorry about it


Blogger vandice said...

!@#$%^&*(), how does a blockhead like you have so many friends??? !@#$%^&*() I mean, why do people stay around other people whose response is, more often than not, "Ok lor?"

7:32 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Cos my actions speak louder than my words?

12:28 am  
Blogger vandice said...

Yah yah. Hao lian lah... Show off all yer presents from girls, girls and more girls... Yayapapaya! But ok lor, you're nice lah, I concede, albeit grudgingly.

6:05 am  
Blogger LiZ said... dun tink u haf a bad smell..i nv even smell u LOL...just tt i thought u like something tt smells bought u tt :] hope u wont haf negative thinkin okie..hehe...

2:51 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Vandice> Yup. I good. I nice. I got a lot of presents from a lot of pretty girls... Wahaha.

Liz> Haha.. I like your present... But when I spray, people always say cannot smell...

9:36 pm  

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