Saturday, June 18, 2005

Its Chill Time....

It weekend again. Thank God! How I need this weekend. Its been another long and tiring week. With my bike course and work and all... Finally, it has come to Saturday. Finally, I can do the things I want. Finally, I have time to chill.. I sound like a deprived NSF, don't I?

I finally took the time to upload the pictures I took last week. Check out my previous entry: My week long entry during my weekend duty. (Part 2). Lots of interesting photos uploaded.

Note: My birthday is coming. Everybody please wish me happy birthday from now until 23rd June.

Met Jade today and got my 1st birthday present. Its a cute "Angel in a box".


Can see the words? Feel so blessed. I like cute stuffs. Hope I get more cute stuffs for my birthday. (Haha! I sound like a freaking girl!) I'm suppose to put this on the dashboard of my car.

Was re-studying the Highway Code for my bike course. Actually some of the test questions are so funny! Like:

The traffic light turns from Amber to Red. You should:
a. Decelerate and Stop
b. Accelerate and beat the light if there is no policeman around
c. Horn at the pedestrians if you want to go through.

DUH! Who say Highway Code is hard and requires studying?


Blogger Jayaxe said...

The highway code isn't difficult but the oral test is! Unless it has been taken off the syllabus, it'll be considered the most difficult.

Imagine you have to describe how to do a right turn at the traffic junction when you start off from the middle lane. Have to check blind spot, check traffic light, change lane, check blind spot, check traffic light again go into filter lane, make sure no oncoming traffic etc etc... The examiners don't cut much slack too. A few mistakes and you'll have to take the oral exam all over again in another day.

10:45 pm  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

i wanna sign up for the beginner theory but always no time.

i like the present leh!! so lovely! crytals somemore

12:28 am  
Blogger vandice said...

hehe... happy birthday ah boy sir! have fun with your bike training hor... need tips ask me... Hehe... wah girls give you present(s) ah? Lucky bugger you! I'm jealous. Intro some of your generous girl girls to me leh... I buy you dinner lah...

6:52 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Jayaxe> Ya, I know... Actually quite sian to have tostudy all these..

Gab> Heehee, I'm sure you got ppl to drive you around.. No need licence lah... And ya, I like the present too.

Vandice> Bike is tough leh... Very siong... Anyway my bday of course they gimme presents lah... Haha

9:11 pm  

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