Sunday, June 12, 2005

My week long entry during my weekend duty. (Part 1)

Ladies and Gents, Let me apologise once again for the lack of entries this past week. Work has been a little on the physical side this week and I have little energy left after a hard day's work to gather my thoughts and record them down in any coherent manner. (i.e. too tired to blog)

Right now, I doing my favourite weekend duty and I'm using the I-net computer to blog again... Wahaha. Guess I will have to blog this week's events in chronologically, for that sense of completeness. No pictures though, or anything fanciful - the camp's comp is kinda screwed up. I will add in the photos and the other stuff when I get back home..

This entry should be rather long... I will divide it into 3 parts.

Monday - Nothing much actually. Woke up late for work. Boss not happy.

Tuesday - Work as usual. Jade has been bugging me to watch Mr & Mrs Smith with her since last month. Dun think I can make it this week. So I met her for dinner to pass her 02 x movie vouchers so that she can get someone else to watch with her.

Update on Her. She's currently not with any guy now, (she almost got attached to another guy that I know) but is presently considering going out with a new guy. Kinda mixed feelings for me when I found out. Sigh... If only I can rip my heart out and burnt it on a stake. Then maybe I wun have to feel a thing.

Wednesday - Had an eventful work day. After work I went down to church for our monthly prayer meeting. I need God. God have mercy on me.

Thursday - Work as usual. Had a good talk with my S2. He gave me a lot of advice and encouragement. In fact, when I hinted to him that I'm thinking of leaving the force, he encouraged me to stay on... Never expected that he would do that.

End of part one... Take a break... But dun forget to comment!! Haha.


Anonymous FF said...

Dear, it's good you finally decided what you wanna do. :)

Thanks for the ice cream. I owe you $7.

5:51 pm  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

wah!! u flatter me leh!! were you registering for the SOL thingy outside church also?

7:32 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

FF> No worries babe. I enjoyed the ice cream too.

Gab> You are really very pretty what... Heehee.. I was signing up for SOL 1 lor... the 1130 wan...

11:09 pm  

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