Sunday, June 12, 2005

My week long entry during my weekend duty. (Part 3)

Saturday - Had free Dim Sum buffet lunch in the afternoon. Cos one of my friends signed on the army and he gave us a treat in celebration of his decision. But too bad I cannot eat a lot cos there's a lot of prawny stuff. Can only eat stuff without prawns.

Evening was church as usual. Except that ALL my cell group was not avaliable that night. So I go alone and sit alone, which is not really bad cos I sat beside a pretty pretty lady. Haha. din talk to her lah. I go there to worship God.. *ahem*

I MET PRINCESS GABRIELLE AT CHURCH TODAY!! Wahaha. So surprise that she actually called out to me. (I not used to girls making the 1st move. Haha) Gab is so so so much prettier in real person than her photos. Like "fairy come down to earth" type. Haha. Had a short intro and chat and also got intro-ed to her Desmond. He looks bigger in real life then the pictures she posted up. But too bad I am not quick enough to whip out my camera to take picture with her... Sadz..

After church I went to watch Mr & Mrs Smith. Together with me includes FF and E, Jade and housemate and my good friend Tng WK. Personally I think the show was ok only. Entertaining but not fantastic. I think the ending was not satisfying as well. But quite fun to watch lah.

Wahaha. Finally. This was my week. I apologise again for the lack of update. Hope you enjoy reading them. Will be busy again next week....


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