Sunday, May 29, 2005

Not in the mood....

Feeling kinda sedated lately.

Very sedated. I have no mood for anything. My favourite past times include reading, playing guitar, going for movies and blogging.

Now I got no mood for any of them.

I picked up a book - the newest book I bought by my favourite author - The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis. I read a few lines and I had to put it down. Cannot focus. Cannot continue. Not in the mood for reading.

I picked up my guitar and plucked a few chords. Nothing happens. I put down the guitar and changed to another one. Did a few licks and riffs. Dun feel a thing. Changed another guitar. Played my favourite songs. Doesn't work. No mood for guitar.

Wanted to watch Madagascar. Got put aeroplane by 7 people at the same time. How's that for loser?

Suppose to go for a run to train for my IPPT. But suddenly the sky darkens and the weather chages from bright sunny day to rainning cats and dogs in a matter of 15 minutes. Obviously God thinks that I do not need to train.

So I sat down and penned (keyboarded?) this entry. After which I will go for a nap. Maybe I will find something interesting in Dreamland.


Blogger Dancingpris said...

How many guitars do you have in total?

1:38 am  
Blogger Maximus said...

bro.. whats a lick?! i'm imagining ..literally? cause i went to a concert years ago .. the guitarist soloed his electric with his tongue.. haha

7:12 am  
Anonymous miche said...

no mood bcoz your the other half (FF) left for her hometown ah???

10:00 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Dancing Pris> Right now, 12, I think.

Maximus> A lick is a short series of notes played together in a musical fashion.

Miche> Eh... No lah... She's not my other half anyway.. =)

7:19 pm  
Blogger Dancingpris said...

Oh my God! You have 12 guitars. Unbelieveable. Ever thought of
giving some away?

11:26 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Dancing Pris> Not really. Each one is special to me. =)

10:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

born loser....
for the day huh?


4:58 pm  

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