Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Busy... Tired... No time...

Too tired to blog, too tired to read blogs...

Going to start my SAF 2B riding course tomorrow. i.e. learn how to ride motorcycle.

Should be fun.

Not enough sleep.. Tired.. Headache.. Need rest.

Good night.


Blogger Jayaxe said...

At Kaki Bukit, right? I tell you, it's damn fun. Because there's more things to learn and see than the civilian version.

Like every start to the morning must read SAF safety driving pledge. Then you'll surely see some jokers trying to be funny like going against the flow of traffic.

But seriously, be careful. I've seen a huge MPV knock right into a man riding in front of me while on the expressway. Lucky the soldier was okay. All thanks to SAF's implementation of hand and leg guards.

10:08 pm  
Blogger blablabla said...

yay! tell us fun or not okay!! :)

10:15 pm  

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