Friday, July 15, 2005

Bike Course over!

Finally!!! Today's the day!!!

My bike course is finally over!! Never thought I could make it this far. But I did!! Actually I was quite lucky in the course. If not I will not pass also. But then again, as the Senior Ninja in Naruto said: Luck can also be one of your strenghts. (Rough translation lah)

Heehee. Congrats to me.

That's my cert lah.

Next up, Recce Commander Course (RCC) and of course, my civilian 2B licence. Then I will buy a motorbike!!! Wahaha. I know I say this a lot of times already... Anybody got a good 2B bike to recommend?

Back to work next week.....


Anonymous WK said...

2B Bike... hmm... that would take u a good 3-4 yrs.. before u can buy one...=>

9:39 pm  
Blogger シャロン said...

congrats!!! =)

11:45 pm  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

wah can ride bike leh...

what kinda bike are u thinking of getting?

12:17 am  
Blogger Jayaxe said...

Dammit, I never got any cert from the 2B course!

Anyway, the RCC is really hell of an 8 weeks. The cert from RCC will be something you'd surely be proud of!

8:56 am  
Anonymous xue said...

Congrats! ;)

4:37 pm  
Blogger vandice said...

Wah, yayapapaya already lah... if you want, I can help you choose bike... we discuss on msn lah... but congrats on the same sir.

11:44 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

WK> Issit? I was hoping to get it by the end of the year.

Miss Slow> Thanks

Gab> Eh... Cute one? Cos I'm cute.. Heehee.

Jayaxe> Now the new RCC is only 4 weeks... Heehee

Van> No lah. Dun have papaya.

9:12 pm  

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