Saturday, July 23, 2005

Random Muzings

I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging... Stuck in this room for the past 8 hours. A certain Bedok Camp's Ops Room... That's right, I'm the Duty Officer again. Usually I like to do my duties on Sundays, but this time its a Saturday. So now I keep forgetting that today is Saturday instead of Sunday.

There's a lot of things I'm suppose to do today. Like packing my stuff for my coming RCC on monday, training for my IPPT, email my bike course mates the photos that I took, settle some work stuff....

Of these, I have done none. Yes, I cannot believe it myself. Oh well, there's one thing I did right- rest and recuperate from my week long flu. Then again, the weather's so bad, (Cold! Oh so cold!!!) I doubt this period of rest is sufficent for my full recuperation. God have mercy on me.

The soles of my shoes are gone. Literally. Both of them dropped off today. Rather, they are so worn that only the heels of the shoe and the soul are still stuck together. So I tore the soles off.

Imagine what my pastor's reaction would be if I told him "I had lost my sole"...

The last time I wore that pair of shoe (which was during Encounter), a cute lady commentted on how worn it looked. I was like "Ya man, it was new when I bought it..." and she was like "Of course when you buy it was still new lah... Duh!" Haha...

I like a girl with a quick wit and a good sense of humour.

I bought a new phone last week. Its amazing that I took 7 days to blog about this. The new toy is a Nokia 6260. I like my new phone. Been taking pictures of all my friends so that their face will appear when they call me. But then again, not many people call me. I'm more of a "sms person". Speaking of which, my 6260 is by far the most sms-able phone I have used, which is not actually a good point- I have probably sent out about 500 smses this week.

The down side is actually the games side, or rather, the lack of it. Been playing this game called Mau Mau (which is like Uno) all day. I miss playing my mahjong game back in my 6100. And the battery runs out really fast. I have to charge at the end of everyday. Or maybe its because I play the game too too often.

I miss church today. I wonder what's the sermon today? Who's the preacher? Every preacher has their own style, y'know. Ps Khong is always full of energy. And his messages are powerfully delivered. Ps Melvin has the fatherly figure. And he always starts his sermons with "God bless you!" and followed by a joke or funny story related to his message. Ps Eugene likes to get the congregation involved in his sermon. And he has this knack of coming up with incredibly creative ways to liven up his sermons - with miniature activities that, when he explains it, is logically linked to the message he is preaching. Otherwise, those activities would have no meaning at all.

I miss playing guitar. I haven't had the time to sit down and just play guitar the whole day long. At this rate, I would never become the guitar god of rock n' roll. NEVER! Tomorrow is the semi finals for School of Rock, battle of the bands (Singapore version) which is to be held in Junction 8. Anybody knows what time issit? I want to go and watch leh. I wish I can play half as good as them.

Tonight's dinner suck! Well, not really. But the lunch sucks BIG TIME!! I din eat lunch lah, actually I heard it from the guys that went. Dinner was ok. But now I'm hungry again. But nobody wants to call pizza... Sianz.

I just ran through my old emails, and I realised that there are some mails which some of you send me after reading my blog, and I have yet to send a reply. I'm sorry leh... If you are readin this, I will try to reply soon...

Note: I'm not Dao ok?!?! I'm just busy... and lazy...

Haven't wrote such a long post in a long time. Heehee..


Blogger シャロン said...

did you know in the past the church attendance always dipped when ps mak preached? hee. so bad hor? ps khong had to "tell the congregation off" a few times.

that was ages ago.

btw, i missed church today too. =P

5:57 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Issit?? I din know that... Haha...

10:35 pm  

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