Sunday, July 31, 2005

With extreme bo liao-ness

Copied this from my friend's....
New Singaporean Vocabulary:
NKF: (verb) - to cheat, to report lower or higher figures with an intention to cheat, to report false figures. Eg. Ah Beng NKFed his salary to impress that ah lian he was after without realizing that she NKFed her vital statistics by wearing wonder bra.
NKF: (noun) - an organization whose modus operandiare dubious. Eg.Ah Lian left that company because she found that it is an NKF.
TT Durai: (verb) - to secretly take and take money from company, to secretly maximize entitlements or privileges. Eg. Ah Seng regretted not TT Durai'ing as much as possible from his ex-company before hewas sacked.
Peanut: (noun) - a unit of currency equivalent toS$600,000. Eg. The jackpot for the Toto this Thursday is 2 peanuts (S$1.2m).


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