Sunday, July 31, 2005

I am just another woman

GJ asked me to blog in his blog.

Didn't see him in church today.

Actually, what to blog about??? I've only saw him ONCE in actual person, for like 5 MINS!!

First impression?? Cannot even remember what I felt then sia! Only knew that I saw someone that looked like him, then I asked, are you GJ? And he said yeah.

Then he blogged he was shocked that I made the first move.

Er... first move... to say hi?? :P
Mr Mr, not like in pub or what leh... in church and saw a familiar face mah!! :p

So nice of him to gimme his password and all. I shall one day, delete all the posts made from the other female bloggers that blogged here!!

And I shall rule as the ONLY queen in here!! MUAHahahaha!!!



Blogger Guojun said...

Babe!!!! You are welcome to be my Queen anytime... Wahaha... Anywayz, we just got to know each other mah.. Hope to know you more in time to come... Can?? Heehee

2:38 pm  

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