Sunday, July 31, 2005

A very sian weekend...

Theres a lot of things I have to do this weekend.

-I have to go and buy stuff for my Recce Comd Course.
-I have to study for my tests for my RCC next week.
-I have to meet up with Jade to pass her my harddisk cause she needs it for her work.
-I am suppose to meet up with my beloved Maximus cause he just came back from Australia.
-I want to go and watch the finals of the School of Rock competition which is just across the street from my place.
-I am suppose to update my blog to appease my readers for my long absence.
-I am suppose to sort out my songs and delete those repeat songs away.

But I am so sianz. Dun feel like doing anything today. Just want to sit and stare at the computer screen and spoilt my eyes. Just dun feel like doing anything today.


I think I am boring you all with my "sian-ness", but I will continue to do so anyway. Cos I am so sian. And I shall say it again: I am very sian. I dun feel like doing anything today.

I think it got to do with having to attend a stay-in course. Heehee. I very long never stay in already. Have to stay in camp for the whole of 5 days. Then weekend come out no energy to do anything.

Actually RCC was not so bad, now that the syllabus is a bit different from the last time. Officers dun have to go through MOI and Long Walk liao. But the Specialists still have to. Heehee, So I have it rather easy compared to some of them. This whole week is only LECTURE LECTURE LECTURE... And we got to know a "Captian So What", cos the whole lecture (4 hours) he just keep asking us "So What?!" but never teach us anything he is suppose to teach.

"Your primary role as a Recce Commander is to Recce. So What?" - Duh!!

I am so sian. Pretty much depressed this week. Not because of the course, but because of something else. For the past few days, I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking of Her. I'm lazy to find the link, but you know, that Her... And it makes me very depressed. Not that I delibrately think about her, but she just came into my mind. Sigh... ... I wish she would just get out of my mind.... And I can get on with my life.

But church service yesterday was good. (Although I did not get to see the pretty Gabrielle) Talks about life is unfair but God is good, encountering pain but not choosing misery, God having a plan for all of us.... And Neveeeer Give Up!

Think I'm going to play guitar. Therapy to my soul.....


Blogger Jayaxe said...

Wah lao, officers have it so good! But then I think is most likely because they're the ones who stay at base and won't actually chiong and recce. I still pity the specialists core!

5:18 pm  
Anonymous shadowandy said...

hmmm is that captain that blank file (missing front 2 teeth).

12:46 am  

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