Monday, August 01, 2005

Some Men are IDIOTS

Go to my blog to read the whole story.. haha since GJ want me to post something here, so I shall.

me!!! (1)

crap lah.

Ok, I'm pissed and I just updated my blog why I am. I'm rather lazy to cut and paste the whole thing. I still must cut and paste GJ's ID and Password to come in!

Clicky clicky here!!!

PS: the MEN I'm referring to is NOT NOT NOT GJ! He's a real nice guy.


Blogger vandice said...

Ooh queen Gabby. Beauty and the beast perhaps? Will you guest blog for me if I make you the empress dowager? :=)) Plus, I more pleasing on the eye than the beastly officer here [sic]...

12:38 am  
Blogger zuj said...

Not all guys are BAD !!!
There are times when we "suffer" too... (Haha ..but since we also too lazy to cut n paste my post... all to my blog to read abt it)

6:26 pm  

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