Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Count down to National Day.

Went to the count down party at Marina Bay last night - something my Queen will never do. Wahaha.

Went to Marina Bay to meet some of my cell group people at the kite flying field. The 1st time that greeted me was the mud on the field. No, make that the swamp. Everybody treads around carefully to avoid the mud as much as possible, but sooner or later, you will definitely karna mud on your shoes and in your feet. I give up after 15minutes, and walked on all the mud to avoid the people instead. Too bad I can't walk on water like Jesus.

Can't believe my whole cell group put me aeroplane and left me alone there - I think they hates me. Wahaha. Thank God I managed to find some pretty babes to watch the fire works with.

I think the fire works not so nice leh... I waited 3 hours for 15minutes of non-estascy. I think maybe it was because we stood too far already. Cannot feel the awesomeness of the experience. Today I am going to watch again.

This time I want to stand so close that I can feel the fire works explode in my face. Yeah!!!!

PS: I know my cell group loves me lah. Just Joking.


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