Sunday, August 07, 2005

un-guojun blog

guojun asked me to blog. but i really dunno what to blog about.

feeling incredibly sianz. and i dunno why.

ok... i do know why... haiz...

long story...

dont think anyone will be interested la hor? hahaha...

well... just tried to jiojio guojun to go HK with me... $188 per person on china airlines.

is china airlines safe?

but i think i better save my leaves for my long wedding break la. hahaha...

guojun just reminded me that i will no longer be MISS SLOW in a month's time...

ok lor... i'll be MDM SLOW then. bleah...

ok... think i better stop now or i will bore your fans, guojun. hahaha... my thoughts are a little disjointed now... =P

til then, everyone please take care!

Miss Slow


Anonymous Anonymous said...

some men are idiots EVERYDAY. hahahahahaha

not referring to you, obviously :D

8:07 pm  

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